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900 Percent Stocks, found online at 900PercentStocks.com, is a financial website offering investment advice which they say can give their members the most profitable stock picks on the market, resulting in the best possible return on their investment.

Just like a similar financial website called SpeculatorPicks.com, the stock which is currently being promoted is Sanborn Resources. This company is a part of the gold mining industry and described as “a junior exploration company.”

And, since gold is regularly one of the most popular investments made in the United States’, 900PercentStocks.com says this company has the necessary potential to drastically increase the price of their stock overnight.

Another thing that 900 Percent Stocks has in common with Speculator Picks is that they are both lead generation pages which automatically redirect you to a page called FinancierTimes.com.

This website discloses that it is not a legitimate stock recommendation website. Instead it is a marketing and advertising company who is paid to promote particular stocks. And the stocks they promote are generally something called “penny stocks.”

A penny stock, or microcap stock, is a stock currently valued under five dollars, or more likely less than one dollar. In the financial community, penny stocks are thought to be high risk stocks, since their extreme affordability makes them very easy to manipulate.

A company or individual who wanted could easily buy large quantities of microcap stocks, causing the value to rise. This rise in value is then used to encourage individual investors to buy this stock as well.

After a large group of individual investors have bought in and further raised the value, the manipulative party has the ability to sell their stock at a profit, and run, which leaves all other investors with plunging stock value.

With all of this information in mind, stocks that are recommended by either of these websites or FinacierTimes.com are not in your best interest for investment.

If you have experience with this company, please leave your 900 Percent Stocks reviews below.

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Reward of the Scum Michael Thompson and any of his scummy mates at Q V Capital

Reviewed By Jimmy Gee on November 30, 2013, London, UK

Reward offered to help find Scum, until recently, trading illegally in (Easy to-get-away- with-it-Land) London, UK. The scum wanted is Michael Thompson and any of his mates from Q V Capital.

900 Percent Stocks.com are scammers (Pump and Dump). Not impressed by my regular Broker ( H & L) for not pointing them out.

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Reviewed By Martin Simons on October 28, 2013

Sorry, but one of their advertisements, on a PROMINENT web site reads:

"Watch This Free Video to Learn How, if a $0.50 Hits $5.00, $10,000 Can Turn into $50,0000."

Really? $50,0000? What number is that? Am I suppossed to take stock market advice from people that can't even properly format numbers? I don't know, they MAY be REALLY good, but THAT advertisement does NOT inspire confidence.

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November 12, 2013

hahahah so true.

November 29, 2013

Suppossed? Really? What word is that?

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