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About African Mango Premier

African Mango Premier is a nutritional supplement found online at which promises that its users will be able to both burn fat and lose weight without a diet or lifestyle change.

African mango is a specific fruit found in Africa which has an extract called Irvingia Gabonensis, which is said to have the ability to help your body burn fat, lose weight, and even lower cholesterol.

According to the website, in a clinical study, people who took this extract in place of a placebo for ten weeks lost an average of 28 pounds and shed almost seven inches from their waist line, simply by taking this extract. No changes in diet or exercise were required.

Though the website does go on to say that this particular study was published in a scientific journal, the claims made by African Mango Premier have not independently evaluated by the FDA.

There are many different African mango supplements on the market right now, such as Pure African Mango, but African Mango Premier says they are the best on the market currently for multiple reasons.

First, they promise that the extract they are using is the one that has been clinically evaluated and patented, and is in the same dosage – 300 mg – as in the study. In addition, this supplement includes many other natural ingredients that are said to help induce weight loss, such as acai berry, maqui berry, green tea, cayenne, and ginger root.

Finally, this supplement is made in the United States, in a lab which the website promises has been FDA regulated. All you need to do for optimal results is take 2 capsules a day, 30 minutes before eating.

The website offers five different supply packages you can offer, ranging from 1 month at $49.95 to a full year supply which is $299.95. All packages come with a 90 day money back guarantee, according to their sales page.

Customers who are unsatisfied for any reason may return the remainder of their product for a refund.

If you have any experience with this product or company, please leave your African Mango Premier reviews below.

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Allen Smith

Reviewed By Allen Smith on March 6, 2014, Chattanooga, Tennessee

I was scammmed by the way this website does business. I was charged 76.78 for a trial bottle for 4.95 shipping only. If there was a 14 day trial of the product , then it should be a 14 day trial when you receive it not beginning when you order it. Then you do not know you are going to be charged a ridiculous rate without jumping through hoops to fiqure all this out on their site. The company hides any consumer information you need to buy from them a product good or bad. I do not see paying for a product in 1 or 2 days if or after you receive a free trial. so their offer is bogus their imformation is bogus and give this company a very very short life. This also includes that rip-off partner of theirs garcinia cambognia. Thsy charged me and did not even send a confirmation of an order when I placed the order until days later. I recomend you go to your bank and get the bank involved in any of their ripoff transactions, I did.

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Reviewed By Linda Liles on July 23, 2013, Shreveport, LA

I was scammed out of $148.00 by this company. I had tried to order the 14 day trial offer which cost $4.98 shipping. The sent me an invoice for $148.00. When I called to dispute this order I couldn't understand any of their representatives and was told the order had already been placed and they could not change it. Scammed, ripped-off, taken advantage of and lied to. Would recommend anyone looking to order anything from this company to stop and find a trusted, safe, honest company to do business with.

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I checked, but no results....

Reviewed By Dorongo on July 9, 2013, Salala, WI

I checked the clinical trial data at the website, but the results were not provided by this company. I will not buy a product that does not provide the data they claim at a legitimate website.

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