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About is a home security company who says that they were founded in 2000 with the goal of revolutionizing the security industry and the way people secure and connect their homes.

While home security is important to all home owners, it has only been in the last few decades with the wide spread of companies like ADT and LifeShield Security that the average homeowner has begun considering a personal home security system.

But in today's technologically savvy world, most people are not satisfied with the basic home alarm code systems of the past, which alerted people when a door or window was open after an alarm was enacted. says that their goals for their customers go far beyond the traditional idea of home security. Their goal is to provide innovative, affordable solutions that deliver greater safety, awareness, control, convenience and efficiency inside your home and wherever you go.

To meet this goal, they don't only provide basic home security systems. The range of services they provide their customers include Interactive Security, Video Monitoring with installed cameras, Energy Management, and Home Automation accessed through easy to use mobile apps.

Their website claims that over one million people already use their services, and that they are dedicated to providing home security and automation services that grow with their customers as the available technology also grows. They promise that they deliver the most advanced solutions to the market first.

Unfortunately their website does not publish any standardized list of pricing for their services. In order to find specific information like that, you must directly contact one of their authorized dealers in your local residential areas.

Customers who are interested in getting more information about how can meet their needs before speaking directly to a dealer can utilize their online tools regarding how you can customize your own home alarm and automation system.

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