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About is a website that calls itself "Your trusted source for Psychic Advice" and promises their users that they feature some of the most prominent and trusted psychics in the industry, all available online. 

How Does It Work?

Users can go to their website and choose from their wide variety of services, including Tarot Card Readings, Physics for Love & Relationships, Money & Finance, Careers & Goals, Numerology, Past Lives, Dream Interpretations, and much more. 

When choosing what service you want or what psychic you'd like to work with, the cost will be clearly displayed so you know what to expect. Finally, you can decide whether to work with that advisor over the Internet or via telephone. Method of contact will not impact price of the service. 

Cost/Price Plans

Each service and psychic comes with their own particular cost, all of which is based on a "per minute cost," which ranges from $6.99 per minute to $13.00 per minute. 

Mobile Options does have a mobile capable version of their website, though they do not have applications designed for mobile devices. 

Refund Policy does offer a Refund Policy which states that if you are unhappy with your experience for any reason, you can receive a one time refund or credit of up to ten minutes worth of time which you can use in the future for speaking with a different Psychic Advisor.

In order to get this refund or credit, you must contact their Customer Service team by email or telephone within 72 hours of your experience and provide them with as much information as possible, including the advisors name and time of the call.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by telephone at 800-227-5669, by email at, or by traditional mail at 3665 East Bay Drive, Suite 204E, Largo, FL 33771.


Unfortunately there seems to be a fair amount of negative reviews for this website, mostly from customers who said they did not realize how much they would be charged for speaking with their Psychic Advisors, as well as customers who complained of a lack of customer service when they needed assistance.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other websites that offer this type of access to psychic advisors, including,,, and more.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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1 Review

I love Clarissa!

Reviewed By Brittany  on May 17, 2017

Clarissa is Great ! Told me a prediction and it came to pass...Currently waiting on another !!

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July 02, 2017

Say what you will. You've been posting the same contrived reviews on affiliate review sites that don't post many negative reviews. She has been wrong with several people. If you guess enough times, you'll be right sometimes. I'll give her that. Out of the "12,000" or so readings she's done, she's probably been right about 200 times. Let's round that up to 2% so we can make you feel better. In other words, she's most likely wrong 98% of the time. But you paid your $10/min, so now you have to make sure you feel it was money well spent. Good for ya!

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9 Reviews

Right on the Money

Reviewed By Patty on March 1, 2017

I have my favorites on AskNow, who are Denny and Clarissa. The first time I called the service I spoke with Clarissa and she literally made me cry because she picked up on so many things. 6 months later and everything she predicted on that first reading has come to pass. She has weird hours so I find myself chatting with Denny quite a bit, as well. He eases my mind and he has predicted many things accurately, as well. I'm not sure why this weirdo "Professor" person has chosen to take over this review site and has commented over 32 times about the same thing over and over and over and over but he should see a therapist about his obsessive compulsive behavior. Who lives on a review site like that? Obsess much? I feel sorry for psychics who have to talk to people like him.

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March 02, 2017

I wonder if calling psychics at $10-13 per minute is considered 'normal' behavior and if perhaps if you told people you'll happily spend what amounts to $600+ per hour to speak to a psychic would not have some people think you need counseling? It might even be less expensive and more beneficial.

No need to feel sorry for psychics. They get paid whether what they say is correct or not.

I say it again and again because I don't want people to spend all their hard earned money. But I guess that would be weird to someone who feels sorry for the psychics.

1. You pay a pretty penny to speak to a psychic
2. You speak to more than one psychic to get 'validation'
3. You pay for a service which is clearly stated as for entertainment purposes only. And happily spend $10-13 per minute for it.
4. If you leave a negative review or low rating it won't get posted.

Obsessed much? No. Warning others? Yes. Listen. If you have a great experience and have an endless pot of cash you can skip over my comments. I'm happy if I can help just one person from tanking their finances and becoming psychic addicted. If that makes me weird and obsessed I'll take it as a compliment.

March 20, 2017

Denny and Clarissa are really great! I recently had a reading with Michael Ryan and I didn't feel like we had a connection at all. I tried California Psychics not too long ago and I had to hang up on several psychics after only a couple of minutes. I'm sticking with the psychics I have a good connection with.

April 12, 2017

Denny gave me a prediction with an exact date. He did say not to hold him to that exact date so give or take a few days. The date came and went and nothing. Nothing. That was a long time ago. I checked back on the date he gave me (asked me to write it down) to see if reality matched his reading. No. Not at all.

This is what I have to say about it. If a reader is psychic or claims to be psychic they need to be consistently correct. The exception doesn't prove the rule. If 5 people say the reader is accurate and 95 people either don't say anything or say the reader is inaccurate then 95 people are not wrong. If a reader can't give consistently accurate readings to the majority of seekers then they're not psychic. Plain and simple. Your experience may be different to mine. Fine. We both paid the same money though. And I am warning people that for as many positive reviews that exist online and on the AskNow website there are loads of negative reviews and experiences. None of which appear on the AskNow website. So I want to be responsible in warning people not to go broke because they trusted a positive review (like I did) before contacting a psychic.

May 13, 2017

Those are on my top 5, as well. Also Selena.

July 02, 2017

You mean she's so good yet you talked to at least 5 other psychics on the same network? And gosh, how could it ever be that they record your calls for quality assurance purposes but would not dream of sharing your calls with their readers? I'm just guessing. But hey, so are the readers on the site :)

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2 Reviews

For entertain purposes only

Reviewed By Master Yoda on January 8, 2017

All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Need I say more? They record your call. Which means they can listen to the calls. They can share that info. And boom. You're blown away by the psychic who is scary accurate.


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1 Review

Nice Experience So Far

Reviewed By Rocky on December 29, 2016

I started using the AskNow website last year after a bad experience with Keen psychics. I spoke with Quasha. She was really good. I was in the middle of some drama with my now ex and she was able to provide me with some solid information (where the woman worked, where they met) that I later verified regarding the girl he was cheating on me with. Talking to Quasha is like talking to an awesome therapist who can fill in details psychically. I think she is a counselor when she is not working with AskNow. I've also spoken with psychic JC who was really nice, Psychic Clarissa - Whose predictions came to pass just like she said they would, Love Expert Wren who seems to always know what I'm about to tell her lol and a few others. Calling this company has been a positive experience for me. FYI- I did not like Aicha Ashley at all and she seemed to need a lot of information but I don't see her on the site anymore so I can't include her in my review.

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January 01, 2017

glad Clarissa was right for you... her prediction of my ex coming back for good no later then Sept. never materialized... and the guy at the gym- he never asked me out like she said he would either... I haven't spoke with her or any psychics in months cause they just were not anywhere near the ball park for me and 10.00 a minute is ridiculous unless they can money back guarantee it- and no way has that happened- ask now wont print any review under 4 stars.... but good for you though! I am moving on with my life!

January 04, 2017

Basically this review says one thing. The person has read with several psychics and all of them have been correct except the one who isn't there anymore. Why read with so many if you found one who's been correct for you?

Or this person is just rich and has loads of money to spend on psychics.

Or this is a fake review.

The Rock
January 08, 2017

@Rocky There's no such thing as a psychic. Even the best, most ethical tarot readers and astrologers will tell you they are not psychic. There are no psychics on AskNow and if you've had that many positive experiences with that many readers, you are working for AskNow. Please post up those 4 star and lower ratings which we know exist. Then let's see how good the psychics really are.

January 08, 2017

Yes, her predictions came to pass as did Quasha's and Wrens. Ashley never gave me anything concrete.

January 12, 2017

@Morgan: you can give them a 5 star rating and then write an honest review of your experience.

January 13, 2017

I posted a 5-star review and said that the prediction didn't come to pass and it showed up on the ratings of the reader. After a few days they removed the review! This is an unethical company. Stay away!

January 24, 2017

Hi Professor!
I have left reviews under 5 stars and they don't post it.. I haven't read with her since months and months ago... waste of money and they really need to be shut down! I still have my job and single. Professor you can find me on FB- under Morgan- Imlay City Michigan if you want to chat sometime!

January 26, 2017

Another thing that was predicted came to pass that I had completely forgotten about! I was told an older woman that is close to me would pass away early this year. My dear friend passed away January 20th. I hadn't seen her in years but we were still close.

January 27, 2017

hey morgan! i was wondering what your name was on Facebook so i can message you . i have a very similar reading from clarissa like yours about my ex coming back and the timeline has been delayed and out of order as well.. i was wondering how i can contact you to be able to swap stories if thats cool. thanks!

January 27, 2017

hey morgan! i was wondering what your name was on Facebook so i can message you . i have a very similar reading from clarissa like yours about my ex coming back and the timeline has been delayed and out of order as well.. i was wondering how i can contact you to be able to swap stories if thats cool. thanks!

January 29, 2017

Hi Morgan. I messaged you (if I got the right person!).

Marissa: She predicted a few things that didn't come to pass which were to come to pass in July 2015. And things went quite opposite to what she predicted. I would not wait for delays or rely on any reviews on AskNow or here.

Greg: Sorry for your loss and no disrespect but that kind of prediction does not amaze. An older woman close to you who would pass away is a common prediction among cold readers. Again I mean no disrespect - my point is directed toward the reader and not at your loss.

January 29, 2017

you can email me Marissa: would be interesting if these stories are almost the same... lol

January 29, 2017

professor I didnt get a message- you can write me along with Marissa at the yahoo address I left her...
we need to go into business and debunk scammers... lol

February 11, 2017

Hi Professor - Thank you for your condolences. Yes, the loss has been really hard for me. I have to say that Clarissa has been a God send for me. There is no way she would have "guessed" that my friend would pass in January. My friend was not ill and died suddenly. I understand your need to "prove" her wrong but I must give credit where credit is due and she has predicted far too many specific things for me not to give her credit. With all due respect, I noticed that you have kind of "taken over" this web page while insisting you have "moved on". I know the loss of a girl can be difficult, I've been there, man, and I sympathize with you. I know your pain is real and you have some serious healing ahead of you. I have really benefited from transcendental meditation and highly recommend it. If you ever need a guy to bounce things off of and get a male perspective, I'd be happy to give you my e-mail address. Let me know.

February 14, 2017

Hi Greg. Thanks. My issue has not been so much about getting over a girl as it has been about Clarissa and other psychics telling me that an ex will be returning when I ended the relationship in such a way reconnecting with her would be nearly unlikely. Clarissa made a very bold claim that my ex would reconnect last summer and ask me to reconcile. I told Clarissa that doesn't sound right. She said it's right. Any other relationship I attempted would fail. My ex didn't reconnect. She got into another relationship and I was told by Clarissa that it's because I didn't 'let go'. Sorry but my issue is with people paying $10 a minute for such bold predictions. I'm not devastated that my ex didn't come back. I'm concerned that people spend $10/min and pin their hopes on these predictions. Clarissa went on to adjust her prediction by another 9 months. Can you imagine people reading such positive reviews and trusting a reader who tells them to trust her only to find out the predictions don't happen, then be told it's because you didn't allow it to happen, and it will happen in 9 months? It's an expensive fail.

I have to say that Jozette has been correct for me on a few occasions. Still, it's at a cost of $13/min. And others have not had as positive anexperience with her as I had.

Negative ratings are almost non-existent on the AskNow site. I posted a 5-star rating simply and politely stating the prediction did not come to pass. The rating was posted and then pulled a few days later. And then my account locked while I have no payment issues? Do you not see a problem with the ethics of this?

I'm also concerned as what I see in this review page is people who have had positive experiences refusing to accept the negative experiences reviewers here.

So while I'm happy Clarissa and other psychics on AskNow have worked out for some, it's clear different people are claiming positive and negative experiences with various readers and with the ethics of the company. If 20 people have had positive experiences whilst 2 have had negative experiences, allow the negative experiences to be heard. I've had readings which were accurate and had events come to pass which cost $10 in total. $600 for an hour is way way insane. So I think you can see my concern now.

Let's remember that this is a review page for a service. It can't all be positive here as it is on AskNow. Which is why people want to know here what others have experienced. Positive and negative. What's happened here is some people won't allow the negative experiences to be heard. To the point where I've felt its important to state that not all predictions come to pass just because others have had positive experiences. I don't want to see people burn through money and find out they rested hopes on failed predictions.

Anyhow I'm happy to hear more privately about your experiences. Thanks.

February 17, 2017

By the way I am not trying to prove Clarissa or any 'psychic' wrong. If they're wrong I will say they're wrong. She was wrong. Period. If the reader makes a bold prediction and tells the seeker that his/her intuition is wrong, and then the prediction fails, it means the reader was wrong not the seeker. She had later admitted she was wrong. But not at first. It took a bit of a trick question to get her admission that she didn't see the things I saw. What does that mean? She was telling me I was wrong when all along I was right.

FYI I dumped my ex for very very good reasons. It was not difficult for me to dump my ex. It was a huge relief. Had I not done so it would have been disastrous to me. It was more difficult to swallow the prediction that she would come back round, realize where she was wrong and make the needed changes. For me that was very hard to believe. Why did I seek? I got a message from my ex's friend and I wanted to know what it was all about. Clarissa had me convinced to give my ex another chance. I don't want to even entertain such a possibility. But her readings always came back to this one point. She will change. She will reconnect. I should give her a chance. Long path together and so on. Sorry but there were way too many red flags in that relationship to even allow myself to go back there. And it's actually gone in a completely opposite direction to the prediction. For my part I've been able to uncover a lot of the deception of my ex almost to a point that the deception was near criminal.

I can say with absolute certainty Clarissa was wrong on this one (and she was wrong on other predictions as well).

It's fine to be wrong. It's human nature. But the 'fan club members' should accept that she can be and has been wrong instead of saying there's something wrong with the person who got the reading or that we cause her predictions to fail because we do or don't do something. No one pays $10/min to be fed such BS.

February 22, 2017

ditto Professor.... lol

March 01, 2017

Hi Professor - I know it's not easy to let go but sometimes you just have to in order to heal. I have been where you are, angry, depressed. Wait and see, another girl will come into your life when you least expect it. I'm sure your ex made some mistakes along the way, but continuing to investigate and "uncover" additional information about her can't be healthy for you. When I broke up with my ex I couldn't sleep or eat. I developed chronic diarrhea and spent all day driving by her house, looking at her social media. I was mad at her, at her friends, at her family. EVERYONE. Like you, I would write novels about my experience so that I could just "get it out". At one point I even wrote a letter to her parents telling them she had an STD. I think back now at how sick and full of venom I was. Namaste my friend.

March 03, 2017

Hi Greg. Thanks for the suggestion. But thankfully this advice is not relevant to me. I have had no contact with my ex and there has been no stalking each other or checking up on each other. We broke up. We moved on.

I tried to explain you that what I have discovered since breaking up with my ex is her many deceptions that happened while we were together. It was my hunches that led me to cutting her off. It was my current partner who has helped me verify my hunches. My current gal is wonderful. I'm ecstatic about her. I should have talked to her before calling AskNow. Would have saved some money.

So let's just stick to the issue. My first reading with Clarissa was almost a year ago. We've been through this already. She had picked up on my ex reconciling with me. I didn't agree with her prediction. She told me she's confident about her prediction. The prediction was wrong. End of story.

Now, before contacting Clarissa, I had read many, many wonderful reviews about her. I had communicated with some of these reviewers to get an idea of how good she is. And then I tried her out. All of these glowing reviews do not change the fact she was wrong - for me.

I realize there are others who are looking for honest reviews. But there aren't any. Why? Because the negative reviews aren't published on AskNow. Try leaving a negative review or low rating. See what happens.

I want to leave a negative review here. I have. I have been attacked by the Clarissa fan club (never imagined this would happen). If she's wrong, she's wrong.

Like you, I paid for my reading. I want to be able to share my experience just like you do. It seems the Clarissa fan club only wants positive feedback.

This is a review page for AskNow. It's not a review page for my ex.

$10-13 per minute is outrageous money. It's insanity. Don't take what a psychic says to be true no matter how much he/she says it is. Don't pin your hopes on what they say. And don't trust the reviews.

This is the last comment I will be making here. You are all welcome to convert this into a paradisiacal garden for AskNow and Clarissa.

March 13, 2017

I was so frustrated about my situation, too. I hope you can have a happy life and I know you can! I love Clarissa. She was spot on with me. I pray that you find peace.

April 28, 2017

It's a scam. I pray that you don't listen to people who give the most horrible advice anyone could give - that is to consult a psychic. Former psychic hotline worker tells it...

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1 Review

There are no psychics - you're being duped

Reviewed By The Rock on December 11, 2016

OK folks. I hope my feedback here will help many people looking for answers FINALLY get the ANSWER THEY DESERVE. Ready?


When you talk to a 'psychic', you are talking to someone who knows how to push certain buttons that will get you to open up to them and reveal information without realizing that you do.

When someone calls a 'psychic', they do so for specific reasons:
- they want to know about a love interest or relationship issue
- they want to know about their financial prospects
- they want to know about their or a loved one's health
- they want to know about a loved one who has passed on

So here's the thing...there are essentially 4 issues people call a psychic about which I have listed above. There may be even more reasons, but even if there are, we can take all these and group them into three categories:

- Love
- Money
- Health

A psychic can focus on any or all of these 3 and wow you with some statement which is true for you. Wanna know why? Because, HELLO, we are not all snowflakes! We all have love, money and health issues. We are human.

Now, some of you will say we are all unique and she told you something that no one else could have known. Let me tell you that biologists study humans and animals and can find near identical patterns in the way we think, live, eat, socialize and so on. We aren't really all that different.

When your guy or girl has left you, or you broke up with them and now regret doing so, or he/she cheats on you, or whatever...

'Psychics' have heard thousands of such stories. Looking at one of the psychics on AskNow, I see she has read more than 12,000 times. Another has read more than 43,000 times!

Do you think that after speaking to people that many times about the SAME issues, some patterns might emerge? Of course they will.

Depending also how the person is reacting to their situation, patterns will emerge. So if you were dumped by your ex and behaved non-needy, started dating someone else, there's a pretty good chance your ex is going to take notice and at some point, contact you. If they contact you, there's a good chance they want to reconnect. If they don't contact you, then it's over. But the patterns will reveal themselves after giving so many readings.

Likewise, if you are depressed about your breakup, acting needy and chasing your ex, there's a good chance they will be annoyed and move on quickly. Not too hard to predict.

Money? Well if you don't have money issues, you would not be calling. Just like if you were happy in your relationship. Of course, there are exceptions, but again, even the exceptions will present patterns.

Health? Same thing.

Now, I know a barrage of Clarissa, Jozette, Selena and other psychic ambassadors will come out of the woodwork vouching for their psychic abilities and how their predictions are scary accurate. Even those comments I've seen here touting Savantace as the saviour will likely bring about some resistance to this post.

LISTEN CAREFULLY PLEASE. Their predictions come to pass because they can make a somewhat educated guess based on what you say (without realizing you said it), how you react or behave, and the gazillions of human patterns they have already witnessed.

And sorry to break this bit of extra news to you. If they're wrong, it's not because they didn't connect well with you. It's because they're wrong. They guessed. They guessed wrongly. That's it.

The various comments here are proof in themselves. One person claiming Clarissa was right. Another claiming she is wrong. Then Selena. Then Jozette. Then Wren. And so on.

Come on folks. Time to stop throwing your money and lives to these scheming frauds.

If you need help, and everyone does need help from time to time, get help from people who care about you and don't need $10 per minute which is really nothing short of FRAUD. $10 a minute are you kidding me?

Listen, if you really feel you need help, and want to pay for it, there are professionals who can help you for much less.

You are not a snowflake. 12,000 readings on one psychic website tells me that people have very similar patterns and many people keep repeating the patterns.

A true professional would help you overcome your challenges by focusing on improving yourself, and letting go of anything which does not serve you.

You are the architect of your own future. Right now. If all a psychic can do is tell you that you decide your own future and what she sees or predicts is a "path" right now, then you didn't need the reading in the first place. Not at $10 a minute.

You could easily just take out a notepad and ask yourselves what your possible paths are based on where you are right now, and what you can change about your situation if you take specific actions. Write those all down.

I once went to see an astrologer who made several predictions, all of which came true, including a few I refused to believe at the time. When I asked him how could he have known, he said quite plainly...

"I have no psychic powers. I've been doing this for 40 years."

That says it all. If you were so sure of the outcome yourself, you probably would not have contacted a psychic in the first place. So that element of doubt is what they begin to operate with. They know you're unsure. They get paid to make a prediction (guess). If they're right, you'll come back, and now you'll tell them everything - they no longer need to guess because they can combine all this information with their years of talking to 1000s of people. If they're wrong, you won't come back, and they keep the money you gave them.

You don't need psychics because there is no such thing as a psychic.

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The Rock
December 16, 2016

The Rock
December 22, 2016

December 22, 2016

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