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Career Guru, located at, is a job search website that describes itself the “holistic approach for job seeking and career advancement.”

Career Guru is a job search website, which allows you to take what they call a “holistic” approach to looking for jobs. Not only do they help you locate a job, but craft a resume, prepare for your interview, handle salary negotiations, and create a long term career advancement plan.

Their tools include articles on constructing a resume which will specifically get you noticed and land you interviews, as well as other articles written by industry professionals that will help you make a great a first impression during interviews.

But the services of do not stop once you’ve gotten the job. They also have articles addressing how you can handle negotiations with a new employer, whether they are about job responsibilities, salary, benefits, or travel and relocation.

Finally, they also have articles which can help you plan advancement, both in the new career that you secure, but also if you are simply looking for promotion within a current career that you are happy with.

Career Guru also works with employers, to help them track down the most talented and well fit individuals for their hiring needs, and they can even assist with the employee screening process. promises that they will not sell or trade your personal information, but they do acknowledge that they will share it with their partner companies, if these companies have anything to offer you that fits the information you share with Career Guru.

Though does share your information with their partners, their Privacy Policy states that these partners have agreed to keep your information confidential.

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