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Blazing Electronics

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I am really happy with the services. Surely recommended.

Blocks Smartwatch

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Blocks Smartwatch, found online at, is a new smartwatch that promises to be made up of the modules you choose, giving you the ability to make a smartwatch that is unique to you. Ho

Bluejay Smart Mount

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The Bluejay Smart Mount describes themselves as the world’s first smart mount which has the ability to seamlessly connect your phone to your car using not only a mount but also an integrated mob

Boom Touch Speaker

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The Boom Touch Speaker, found online at, is a new brand of wireless speaker that says it has the ability to amplify your device’s sound without any wires or Bluetooth connectivity

Brydge Keyboards

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Brydge Keyboards, found online at, is a company that says their goal is to design “stunning keyboards” that serve as a bridge between you and your Apple tablet. 

Ca7ch Lightbox

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The Ca7ch Lightbox, found online at, is a new product that describes itself as the smallest live streaming wearable camera that allows users to catch and share life spontaneously.  H

Cafe Cup

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The Café Cup is an “As Seen On TV” product which is intended to make any home coffee maker into a single cup coffee maker, with their reusable single serving coffee filter. A

Cannon EOS 350d

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My wive has one and it is very nice. Very expensive though.

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IT's finally out. CELLZ.COM is a FRAUD. AVOID USING IT. Please save yourself.

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I purchased a charger on new year's day and within 30 minutes I realized that it was the wrong charger so I immediately called, but since it was a holiday the customer service department was closed,

Chipolo Tracker

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of the Chipolo Tracker, a product which describes itself as the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker that can find everyday items in just seconds.  How Does I

Coffee Joulies

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Coffee Joulies are large stainless steel shaped coffee beans used to control the temperature of your coffee. Not only do they cool the coffee to a drinkable heat level after its initially poured, but

Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones

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Conduit Bone Conducting Headphones is a new product being crowdfunded on that describes themselves as “world's first In-Ear & Off-Ear headphones.”   How Doe

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Costway, an online company that says they pride themselves on “offering our customers the best product with a preferential price all over the world.” H

Cujo Smart Firewall

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The Cujo Smart Firewall, found online at, is a new device and mobile app which keeps your home internet network safe from cyber threats so that you are always secure and private online.

Digital Hunter

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Digital Hunter is an online electronics store that specializes in digital SLR cameras, camcorders, lenses, and accessories from several different brands, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony. SLR,


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This company is a SCAMMER - They have a subdivision (DirectStar (& other names) that takes orders/subscriptions, which promise a free 14-day trial. I cancelled the service after 12 days, and was told

Based on 39 Reviews is the online home of, an online shopping center that offers multiple different types of items, from electronics and gadgets to jewelry and other accessories. says

Dynamic Virtual Viewer

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The Dynamic Virtual Viewer, found online at, is a new product which promises their customers that they are the best virtual reality headset “that you can actually afford to get

Easel Laptop Stand

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The Easel Laptop Stand is a new, soon to be available product currently being financed in a Kickstarter campaign that promises to be "your laptop's best friend," relieving both health pr