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Brainetics is an educational program created by Mike Byster. The kit contains 5 educational DVD's that claim to teach your brain to behave like a computer. The website states that your brai

Breyer State University

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I’ve attended Breyer State University with no issues. The tutors were excellent to say the least. I can tell you first hand that there are tons of negative reviews out there, and they are all made u


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BuddySchool, found online at, says their goal is give people a place to "learn, teach, meet people, and exchange views" from all over the world using their online tutoring pl

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Dianay from was scheduled for a lesson, I waited and she was a no show. She played the scheduling game..was a no show..took the fee, This is a scam and here is her unprofessional feedb

Based on 0 Reviews is a new website that provides people with the ability to have access to "private English tutors on demand," whether for full on discussions or for just a quick question.

Based on 0 Reviews is a website established in 2007 with the goal of helping college kids save money by providing them with the very college textbooks that they need for rental at a fraction of the

Canisius College Online

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Canisius College Online is an online subdivision of a school that describes itself as "Western New York's premier private comprehensive university," which is consistently ranked in the t

Canvas Network

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The Canvas Network, found online at, is a new educational platform which offers anyone the ability to have access to a wide range of free online courses focused on a variety of topics. 

Capella University

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Due to the fast-paced world in which we live, continuing education if often put on hold because there simply is not enough time, Capella University offers the flexibility to fit your needs. Capella

Cardone University

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The Cardone University, found online at, is a new online educational training company that describes themselves as the “#1 Sales Training System in the World.” How

Career Step

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Career Step, found online at, is a new provider of online education who promises that they can give students what they need to be completely prepared for a new career.  How Does

CDI College

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CDI College is system of institutions located throughout the provinces of Canada, which claim to be educational and professional training facilities that prepare people for a future in the workplace.

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Hello! I'd firstly like to say one thing - thank you to the guys at Chalksy for creating a great platform for learning online. This is my journey. 3 weeks ago I was looking to learn

Charter College

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Charter College, found online at, says that they are a private, independent institution of higher education that uses blended instruction as a successful means of continuing educati

Based on 0 Reviews is a website that helps college students, and customers of all ages, find textbooks and books of all kinds at the cheapest possible prices from retailers all over the web.

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Chegg, a company that says their goal is to meet the needs of today's students, including everything from textbook rentals to help with homework and even help findi

Children Learning Reading System

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The Children Learning Reading System is a new at home program designed for parents who want to not only help their children learn how to read at a young age, but also give them the necessary building

Based on 0 Reviews is a website that claims it can help match you with the right online school for you, based on your area of education and the type of degree you are hoping to secure. There


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ClassesUSA is a website from Experian InteractiveSM which acts as a middle man to connect motivated adults interested in earning a college degree or certificate with online education providers. Cla


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I was supposed to submit my machine drawing assignment yesterday, and I put it off till the last minute. And when I started to do the assignment I realized I was starting too late and would not be abl