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Bella Vintaj

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Bella Vintaj, found online at, is a company that wants to give fashionable people access to new and trendy pieces of jewelry and accessories as well as an independent business opportun


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BellaGenix Intensive Corrective Serum is an anti-aging skincare product which cannot be purchased in stores but can only be found online at, and which promises to help the appearance

BellaPure and Celluria

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BellaPure and Celluria are two individual, anti-aging skincare products promoted by the same advertorial as being a “simple, fast, and easy” two step process which remove up to 90% of your

Bellavei Eye Lifting Gel and Bellavei Phytoceramides

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Bellavei Eye Lifting Gel and Bellavei Phytoceramides are two individual skincare, anti-aging products which, when used in combination, claim to take ten to twenty years off your appearance “over

Bellroy Wallets

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Bellroy Wallets, found online at, is a company that promises to provide their customers with slim, elegant, and functional wallets that offer a surplus of value compared to traditional wal


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Beltology, found online at, is a company that says they have worked for years in innovation and design in order to create a better belt that truly fits the needs of the American public i

Benefit Cosmetics

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Benefit Cosmetics, found online at, is a well known cosmetics brand that claims "laughter is the best cosmetic" and is sold at retailers across the country.  How

Bevel Shaving System

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The Bevel Shaving System from Walker and Company describes itself as "the first and only" end-to-end shaving system for men with coarse and curly hair which is available in an auto-delivery

Beverly Hills MD

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Beverly Hills MD is a new brand name skincare product line that promises their users a scientifically innovative and well tested product line that addresses many different skincare concerns people may

Beyond the Rack

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Beyond the Rack, located online at, is a members’ only online boutique which claims to offer big name, designer brands at bigger discounts than their competitors. A &ldq

Big Skinny Wallets

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Big Skinny Wallets, found online at, is a company who says their wallets are capable of reducing the thickness of your old wallet by up 50% while still holding all the same items. How

Bio Diamond

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of the Bio Diamond, a new skin care product which promises to provide users with the perfect skincare product to keep their skin looking young and radiant.  H


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BioDermRx Age Defy is a new anti-aging skincare product, found online at, which promises to provide people with everything they need to return to their youthful state.   How Does


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Birchbox, found online at, describes themselves as "the leading discovery commerce platform" by sending members a monthly box full of high quality beauty samples. How Does It

Birchbox Men

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Birchbox Men, found online at, is a well established monthly subscription sample service that has recently created a new monthly service intended to cater to the needs of the modern man.


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Bisou is a new anti-aging skincare product, found online at, which promises to provide people with anti-aging results that are “better than Botox” without any injection

Bitter Lace Beauty

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Bitter Lace Beauty is an independent, handcrafted beauty company that operates through the well-known digital market Etsy and is currently known for selling the Prism Rainbow Highlighter.   Ho

Black Diamond Deluxe

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Black Diamond Deluxe, found online at, is a new anti aging skincare product that promises to give people the effects of well known cosmetic product Botox, without any injections.

Black Radiance

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Black Radiance, found online at, is a cosmetic company who says that their goal is to empower and inspire women of color through beauty products that enhance their best selves.

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Black Lapel, found online at, is a website created for people who are interested in expressing their own style through the online design of their own custom made suits, shirts, and acce