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Turbulence Training

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Turbulence Training is a workout program from trainer Craig Ballantyne who claims that his program can help you burn fat quickly and look ten to fifteen years younger in just a few weeks. According

Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer

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The Type 2 Diabetes Destroyer, found online at, is a new health and wellness program from David Andrews who claims that he can give people a simple three step system for curing t

U Weight Loss Clinics

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I had a very hard time getting off weight at 67 years. When I did my walking exercise, my weight did not come off as usual. So I heard about your hormones can sometimes prevent you from losing your w

Uber Trim

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Uber Trim is a weight loss supplement currently being promoted by the website TMZ Advice on Beauty as being able to help people lose significant amounts of weight quickly and without changing their di


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uBiome, found online at, is a new company that is working on a crowdfunded scientific project to chart and understand the microbes at work in our bodies and how we can change or improve the


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UFC Fit, found online at, is a new work out program from creator Mike Dolce which says that it is the only "official" nutrition and training system of the Ultimate Fighting Champi

uHoo Air Sensor

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The uHoo Air Sensor, found online at, is a new product which promises their customers it is “the most advanced indoor air toxin sensor” available on today’s market. 

Ultimate Flora

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Ultimate Flora is a nutritional probiotic supplement for positive digestive health created by ReNew Life, a company that describes themselves as a leading probiotics, cleansing, and detoxification com

Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse

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Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse is a nutritional supplement that promises to help people improve their overall health by "purifying the colon" using a special, all natural formula that first po

Ultimate Herpes Protocol

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The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a new step by step blueprint from Melanie Addington that claims to help people who suffer from Herpes Type I and Type II not only relieve their symptoms but get rid of

Ultimate Muscle Black Edition

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Ultimate Muscle Black Edition is a nutritional supplement that says it is created and formulated for men who want "ripped, muscular bodies as quickly as possible," and not for casual exercis

Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean

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The Ultimate Strength Green Coffee Bean is a nutritional supplement which promises that it can help “attack belly fat” with a simple plant extract which helps your body to burn fat.

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products, a company that describes itself as “a family run adventure in innovation, dedicated to making earth-friendly products


Based on 4 Reviews is the online home of Ungex, a health and wellness product which promises to help people improve their hair and skin through the elimination of Demodex mites. How Does It Work? A

Uni Key Health

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Uni Key Health, found online at, is a company that offers visitors access to both information and health products that are intended to help them live their best lives.  How Do

Univera Xtra

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Univera Xtra, found online at, is a health and wellness supplement and product which says that their goal is to help people “be better at every age” and recover their lost v

Unleash Your Thin

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Unleash Your Thin is a new guide for people who are interested in losing weight and keeping it off, using a system that is not a gimmick, but rather a tried and true way of living. According to

Untapped Supplement

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Untapped Supplement, available online at, is a new nutritional supplement which promises users the ability to “build muscle, burn fat, and train like a champion.”&nb

Upright Go

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The Upright Go is a new product currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter that promises to give customers the training and information they need to improve their posture in less than one month.

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Uqora, a new health and wellness product for women which promises to be able to reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections (UTIs) without daily use. How Does I