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Vapex E-Cig

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This is the biggest rip off that I have found. They sent me an email stating that a free trial kit would be sent for 4.95 with big letters saying absolutely risk free trial kit, you just pay shipping

Vapor Couture

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Vapor Couture, found online at, claims to be the first electronic cigarette designed specifically for women, with a slimmer and trendier design and multiple different flavor cartridge

Vapor Smarts

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Vapor Smarts, found online at, is new brand of electronic cigarette which claims that it is not only better and more affordable than traditional cigarettes, but also when compared t


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The VaporMate is a brand of electronic cigarette which promises to give their users an alternative to tobacco cigarettes that can either reduce or completely replace their use of traditional cigarette

Vascular Failure Protocol

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Vascular Failure Protocol, found online at, is a downloadable eBook which claims to teach people all natural, at home remedies the four major causes of vascular failure.  H

Vega Nutritional Supplements

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Vega Nutritional Supplements is a line of products offered by Vega, a health and wellness company which was started to help people have a healthy, nutrition rich diet in a convenient manner. Th


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VertaLoc, found online at, is a company that says their goal is provide their customers with the highest quality and most effective medical devices for spinal support all the way to lower


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Vessyl, found online at, is a new health and wellness product which promises people the ability to keep track of everything they drink throughout the day and week to improve their health.

VFX Body

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VFX Body, found online at, is a company that promises to give women the secret for their weight loss success in a combination of diet and exercise which leads to “Metabolic Override.

Vibra Massaging Compression Wrap

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The Vibra Massaging Compression Wrap, found online at, is a new health product which promises to help people “relieve aches, pains, and muscle tension in just minutes.”&nb

Vimax Detox

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Vimax Detox, found online at, is a new daily cleanse program that people can use to help their body “gently” flush their system of toxins, potentially harmful waste,

Vinsanity Shred

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Vinsanity Shred, found online at, is a new website which provides people with a wide selection of workout and diet plans which can be customized to your specific needs and fitness g

VirilityEX Pills

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VirilityEX Pills, found online at, is a new product which promises to provide men with a natural blend of ingredients all proven to help men revive and rejuvenate their sexual heal

Vision Without Glasses

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Vision Without Glasses is a new at home health and wellness program that promises it can help people repair their vision back to almost 20/20, no matter how long they have been wearing glasses or cont


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Visionworks, found online at, describes themselves as a leading provider of eye care and vision services throughout more than 40 different states and the District of Columbia here in t

Vista Vapors

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Vista Vapors, found online at, promises that they are the best place to go for people searching for premium quality e-juice and accessories for their top quality electronic cigarettes.

Based on 3 Reviews is a website which provides consumers with access to a wide variety of health related products, including vitamins, supplements, whole foods, health foods, and sports nutrition items.


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Vitaglo is a website which sells discounted natural foods and products. The website states that it is based in central New York and has been the leader in vitamins, supplements, herbs and natural f

Vital Reds Supplement by Gundry MD

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Vital Reds Supplement by Gundry MD is new supplement found on the website, which promises to help people improve their daily levels of energy, their digestive health, and even their weigh

Vital Stem

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Vital Stem, found online at, says that they are currently the only health and wellness anti-aging product on the market that can give people what they need to boost their stem ce