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SunSetter Retractable Awnings

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SunSetter Retractable Awnings, found online at SunSetter.com, says they are America’s largest manufacturer of deck and patio awnings, which can improve the look of your home and help reduce ener

Survival Life

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Survival Life is a website that provides its members with articles, newsletters, books, tools, and resources all focused on being prepared to withstand and survive any sort of natural or economic disa

Survival Seeds 4 Patriots

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SurvivalSeeds4Patriots.com, the online home of Survival Seeds 4 Patriots, is a website from Frank Bates which explains why he believes everyone should be prepared for a nationwide food shortage and wh

Survive and Thrive System

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The Survive and Thrive System, found online at SurviveAndThriveSystem.com, is a new at home training program intended to help people of all ages get the skills they need to survive in emergency situat

Survive the End Days

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Survive the End Days is a new video presentation and survival guide written and offered by Nathan Shephard, who wants to teach people how to protect themselves in the event the United States is attack


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Switchmate, found online at Switchmate.com, is a new home automation device that works specifically with the lights in your home, and gives you control of them via your smartphone. How Does It Work

T-Fal OptiGrill

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The T-Fal OptiGrill is a new indoor, electric grill found online at GetOptiGrill.com that promises their users perfect grilling results every time through their special automatic sensor cooking. Un

T2000 Tactical Flashlight

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The T2000 Tactical Flashlight, found online at Special.TacticalT2000.com, is a new product that describes itself as a tactical flashlight with military grade strength that can be used as an important


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The Table-Mate is an As Seen On TV product currently being sold through online retailer Amazon.com, and is described as “the perfect portable table” which can be used for work, eating, or

Taste the Difference Air Roaster

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The Taste the Difference Air Roaster, available at BrandDevelopers.co.nz, is a new kitchen appliance which promises people the ability to “cut down your cooking time and enjoy preparing meals ag

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

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Tattler Reusable Canning Lids is a line of reusable canning lids that people can purchase in bulk so they always have the necessary pieces required for major or minor canning projects. One of the m

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

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The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight, found online at 1TAC.com, is a new product that describes itself as a tactical flashlight with military grade strength that can be used as an important safety tool.

Ted's Woodworking Plans

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TedsWoodworking.com is the online home of Ted’s Woodworking Plans, Ted McGrath’s large scale guide to the art of woodworking, as well as collection of specific woodworking plans for your p


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Tempur-Pedic is a company that designs and makes specialty memory foam mattresses that are intended to adapt to your body's unique shape, weight, and temperature to give customers the best possibl

The Big-i Family Robot

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The Big-i Family Robot, found online at NXROBO.com, is a new home automation robot designed to help you and your family with their daily needs and which is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

The Casper Mattress

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The Casper Mattress, found online at Casper.com, is a new brand of mattress which says that they are able to provide top quality designed and sourced mattresses at affordable prices because of their n

The Longaberger Company

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The Longaberger Company, found online at Longberger.com, was a once a family owned and operated local basket shop which eventually grew into a multimillion dollar company.  How Does It Work?

The Mister

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The Mister, found online at TheMisterKickstarter.com, is a new product whose goal is to help people save money on their air conditioning by providing them with a solar powered, computer operated cooli

The Pocket Hose Holder

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The Pocket Hose Holder is a product which has been designed to work with the well-known As Seen on TV product, the Pocket Hose, and is available on the website Instructables.com.   How Does It

The Purple Pillow

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The Purple Pillow is the newest Kickstarter project from the creators of the Purple Mattress, who promise that they are bringing their customers the first billow that is “more like a bed for you