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Design Toscano

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Design Toscano, found at www.DesignToscano.com, calls itself “the country’s premier source for statues and other historical and antique replicas,” which are both available through ca


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Displate.com is a website and company that manufactures "exceptional Metal Posters," which have been created by one of their "amazing" artists in their volunteer art community who

Divine Time Clock

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The Divine Time Clock, found online at BuyDivineTime.com, is a new wall clock for your home which not only adds decorative beauty to your wall but also promises to provide beautiful reminders of your


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DoorBot describes itself as the "doorbell for your smartphone" and is a WiFi enabled video doorbell that will allow you to see and speak with visitors through your smartphone no matter where


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DotAndBo.com is the online home of Dot and Bo, a furniture and home goods company that says they hand pick products that are unique, stylish, and high quality to ensure that people can have an enjoyab

DR Power Chipper

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The DR Power Chipper, found online at DRPower.com, is a home power chipper product line that is designed for all kinds of customers with a wide range of different chipper needs.  How Does It W

Drain Visions

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I have called drain visions to hook up my tankless water heater to my natural gas line.They did a very good job their plumbers have very good knowledge. I personally recommend drain visions to all.


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The DrainWig is an As Seen On TV product available from DrainWig.com, which promises to give people a safe and effective way to easily stop drain clogs due to hair collection in your pipes.  H


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Dropcam, found online at Dropcam.com, is a home video system that promises people the ability to keep track of their home, children, pets, babysitters, or simply keep an eye on their home for security

Dump Dinners and Dump Cakes

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Dump Dinners and Dump Cakes are As Seen On TV are a series of cookbooks from Cathy Mitchell, who says these cookbooks give people the ability to make quick, easy, delicious dinners and desserts with l

Dutch Glow

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Dutch Glow, found online at DutchGlow.com, is an As Seen On TV furniture polish made specifically to fix, restore, and return shine to any piece of wood furniture you have in your home.   How

Easy 2 Power

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HomeMade Energy is a home based energy guide available on Easy2Power.com which claims to have the ability to give anyone, regardless of their technical skills, the ability to create their own home ele

Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System

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The Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System, found online at OCedar.com, is a new mop and bucket cleaning duo which promises homeowners a simple and effective way to clean their home.  How Doe

EcoQube Frame

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The EcoQube Frame is a new product being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com that claims that it will be the best available vertical garden used for either veggies or succulents.  How Does It Work?


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The Eggstractor, found online at BuyEggstractor.com, is a new “As Seen On TV” product which promises to help people peel hard boiled eggs “instantly and perfectly” using their

Eight Sleep Mattress

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The Eight Sleep Mattress, found online at Eight SleepMattress.com, says that they are a company with decades of industry experience who knows exactly what it takes to create a mattress with “pre

Electricity Freedom

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Electricity Freedom is a new guide which promises to teach people how to build a simple invention from the 1800s which can generate enough electricity to power their whole home each month for less tha


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ElleSilk.com is an online retailer that specializes in silk goods, calling themselves “an exquisite world of top quality silk products” which can be purchased online at reasonable and affo


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Empire Today, found online at EmpireToday.com, describes themselves as a convenient and professional home improvement company that works hard to give their customers a quality experience. According

Enagic Kangen Water

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Enagic.com is the online home of Enagic Kangen Water, a Japan based company which calls themselves the leading manufacturer of specialized high quality water ionizer systems. How Does It Work? A