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The Eggstractor, found online at BuyEggstractor.com, is a new “As Seen On TV” product which promises to help people peel hard boiled eggs “instantly and perfectly” using their

Electricity Freedom

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Electricity Freedom is a new guide which promises to teach people how to build a simple invention from the 1800s which can generate enough electricity to power their whole home each month for less tha


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ElleSilk.com is an online retailer that specializes in silk goods, calling themselves “an exquisite world of top quality silk products” which can be purchased online at reasonable and affo


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Empire Today, found online at EmpireToday.com, describes themselves as a convenient and professional home improvement company that works hard to give their customers a quality experience. According

Enagic Kangen Water

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Enagic.com is the online home of Enagic Kangen Water, a Japan based company which calls themselves the leading manufacturer of specialized high quality water ionizer systems. How Does It Work? A


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ePantry.com is a website that says their goal is to give people access to the best quality, most effective all natural and planet-friendly household products on a convenient shipping schedule direct t

Essentia Mattress

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Essentia Mattress, found online at MyEssentia.com, is a new mattress company that claims they are selling the “mattress that is changing it all” using only all natural memory foam. How

Exec Cleaning

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Exec Cleaning, found online at IAmExec.com, is a professional cleaning service available for homeowners and businesses that promises top quality services with satisfaction being guaranteed. Accordi


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FabriClear, found online at FabriClear.com, is a new As Seen On TV product which promises customers that it has the ability to kill bed bugs on contact, all while being non-toxic and safe to use in th

Family Home Defense Plans

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The Family Home Defense Plans is a collection of home defense plans created by Keith Jacobs, creator of other defense and survival focused websites, who says he can teach anyone with any budget how to

Family Survival Course

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The Family Survival Course is a survival guide created by Jason Richards, who claims that this guide can teach the average citizen how to take care of their family during an upcoming political and eco


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Fathead.com is the online home of Fathead, a company that offers officially licensed, authentic sports and entertainment graphics which they say can “transform any space from ordinary to amazing

Flex Seal

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Flex Seal is a helpful home tool which assists homeowners with leaks and seeping that may occur due to cracks, time, or basic wear and tear, in a convenient can with aerosol distribution. When you

Flex Shot

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Flex Shot is a new product by the makers of Flex Seal that promises customers they are the "easy way to caulk, bond, and seal," with their "super thick rubber sealant" that can sea

Flex-able Hose

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The Flex-able Hose, found online at FlexableHose.com, is described as “an incredible expanding green hose” which is intended to fix the problems caused by storing and using traditional gar


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Flexsteel, found online at Flexsteel.com, is a furniture design company established in the late 1800s to specialize in seating options and describes itself as a great American success story. Though


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FloBeds, found online at FloBeds.com, is a new mattress company which promises their customers that they have been making “personally crafted mattresses” of the highest quality since the 1


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Ordered flowers from them to be delivered July 30th. The flowers STILL have not been delivered. I was contacted the day after the flowers were supposed to be delivered via email ONCE stating additiona

Food for Patriots

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Food for Patriots, found online at Food4Patriots.com, is a company which sells survival food kits to people who are looking for nutritious food packs which can withstand long periods of storage, in ca


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FoodSaver, found online at FoodSaver.com, is a company that designs and manufactures products intended for both short and long term food storage, including full service systems that people can use in