Replace My Remote

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Replace My Remote, found online at, is a company that promises to provide customers with replacement keyless remotes and key fobs for every car and truck made, at affordable prices

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RevZilla, found online at, is a company that says their goal is to provide riders of motorcycles, Harleys, ATVs, and other vehicles with the gear and equipment they need and the customer


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RockAuto, located at, is an online auto parts store founded in 1999 which provides parts from over 200 manufacturers which they can ship to customers all over the world. Unlike oth

Say Insurance

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Say Insurance, found online at, is a new auto insurance company that says their goal was to make car insurance simple and transparent for their customers, so they always know exactly


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Like most vehicle manufacturers, Seadoo has designed and sold a couple of lemons. Some, most, are solid little jet boats. But the RXT, was not. I "wasted" almost $16,000 spent on purchase and repairs

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In my area where I live, doesn't have a decent auto parts store, and the one we do have, doesn't have much of a choice in selection or accessories. So, shoppmlit was recommended to me by a buddy of mi


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Sidecar is a new mobile application available in select metropolitan areas which allows members to take advantage of “ride sharing,” and has a goal of not only providing safe transporta

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Swapalease can help its member either swap car leases or sell leases to others without assuming another one. If you are interested in getting out of a lease without having to pay termination fees,

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I live in California and went across to a local Car dealer around looking for a 1999 BMW 318i abs wheel speed sensor but could n`t find one for less price. I searched on line to a get hold of a good


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TheFreeCar, found online at, is a service which promises that their users can either drive a brand new car for free, or get paid every month to drive the car they already own to plac

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of TireRack, a company which promises to provide their customers with everything they need to find the tires and wheels they want for their car or truck at the best pri

Toco Auto Warranty

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The Toco Auto Warranty, found online at, says that their goal is to provide car owners with an extended car warranty that guarantees that “your car might break down, but your li


Based on 134 Reviews is the online home of TrueCar, an online service who says their goal is to provide consumers with access to price transparency and upfront pricing on new and used automobiles.  How

Based on 10 Reviews is a company that allows car owners the option to earn extra money by renting their cars out to pre-screened and approved renters using their secure and fully insured service. How Does It


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UberCommute is a new service being offered by the well-known ridesharing provider Uber, which attempts to create a place where commuters in busy cities can offer other commuters rides to work in order

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Got all the info I needed for only $6.95

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I was told I subscribed to $14.95 per month plan, which I did not. They illegally charged my credit card. Their customer service is a joke, also there responses here are a joke. I can't wait for someo

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I purchased a Vin Alert report for the ale of my car , I think my credit card information has been stolen and as well I received NO report.I think this is a SCAM.

Based on 2 Reviews is the online home of VinCheckPro, a new company whose goal is to provide customers with a vehicle history report that will give them everything they need to make an informed vehicle p

Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Vroom, a new online car dealership which promises their customers a new and better way to find, finance, and purchase a certified used car.  How Does It Work?