College Recruiter, found at, is a website that helps college students search for internships, as well as helps new college graduates search for entry level employment.

In order to search for jobs at, you must create a user account. Registering for an account requires your name, location, and email address, but having a user account requires no fee of any kind.

Once you’ve created your account, you can search for jobs by keyword, employment type (whether you prefer full time, part time, or contractor work), and by location, including being able to choose what distance range you are willing to work from your home.

Also, will perform job searches outside of the United States, in pretty much any country you can think of, from larger, better known countries like England, to smaller places like the Vatican City. also features other helpful tools, such as school finder services for people looking to go back to school or to pursue another, more advanced degree, and job match alert emails which you can set up through your user account.

Finally, their website also includes a blog that provides lots of helpful articles on topics meant to help you have a successful job search, such as interviewing skills, resume writing, job searching, and beginning a new career.

However, please keep in mind that will share your contact information with third parties with the intention of contacting you for advertising purposes, so make sure you use an email address for your account setup that you won’t mind receiving advertisements at. 

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Balanced review

Reviewed By Steven Rothberg on January 15, 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for the balanced review of the site I founded, College Recruiter.

Steven Rothberg, President

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