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Dollar Shave Club is a monthly membership club which allows its users to choose their choice of shave equipment that will be shipped to them each month for a flat, affordable fee.

This company promises their customers “a great shave for just a few bucks a month.” New members simply need to select their preferable type of razor blade, pay their low monthly fee, and they will be shipped right to your door.

This system gives customers benefits over traditional companies like Dorco and Gillette because there is no more need to over-pay for blades and no more forgetting to buy new blades. You can also cancel your membership at any time without penalty.

They have three different types of blades to choose from. It’s only $1 a month for five Humble Twin blades, $6 a month for four 4x blades, and $9 a month for 4 Executive blades.

All new members will receive free handles which are compatible with their choice of blade. If you ever decide to upgrade or downgrade your choice of blade, you will receive another compatible handle completely for free, no special discount codes required.

And though the Dollar Shave Club commercials may be aimed at men, they say their membership club is great for women as well – though women may choose to use any razor blade they wish, the DSC recommends their 4x blade as being particularly enjoyed by women.

For members that are not frequent shavers and may not need the amount of blades that are being offered by the DSC they have the option of the “Not So Hairy” plan. This plan allows your razors to be shipped and billed every other month.

Also, for every friend you successfully refer to their membership program, you will receive $5 of DSC Credits added to your account. These credits will be deducted from your account before your monthly charges are applied.

If you have any experience with this membership club, please leave your Dollar Shave Club reviews below.

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6 ‘Dollar Shave Club’ Reviews
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1 Review

L Brown

Reviewed By Leo Brown on December 25, 2015

I got a Dollar Shave Club gift card for Christmas and I signed up and placed an order. The first thing I didn't like is I had to give my credit card to complete the order. After the order was placed there was no indication if they charged my credit card or deducted it from the gift card. Also there is no where on the web site that I can find out the balance on the gift card. This is just a slimy business practice. Hopefully I will able to complete the gift card and when that is exhausted I will no longer use their services no matter how good their product is.

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1 Review

So far, I'm not impressed

Reviewed By Gregory Rinehart on November 26, 2015

I joined DSC because I liked the concept of not having to be concerned about keping an adequate supply of blades on-hand.
I started with The 4X model. Frankly, I am still not convinced that I like the shave.

1. I do not care for "the angle of attack". It shaves like I am dragging a board across my face, pulling shaving cream along with it.
2. To get a really close shave, I normally shave first with the grain. Then, I go over my face once more, using lots of water. However, with The 4X, I have found that I have to make multiple passes, to get the smoothness that I seek;this has invariably led to multiple nicks and cuts.

After using it for several weeks, I decided I needed a razor that could trim my sideburns properly (The 4X doesn't allow this easily), so I switched to The Executive which claims to have a trimming blade.

Since The Executive won't ship fo anothe week or 2, I decided to try my old 2-blade, Gillette Sensor razor, once again. And, I discovered that my old razor isn't so bad, after all.

1. With its "angle of attack", The Gillette Sensor tends to "pick-up" the shaving cream, allowing more passes without rinsing.
2. I find that I need no more than 2 passes in order to get my smooth shave with my old razor.

I believe that I am going to cancel this whole thing.

I have

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1 Review

Definitely a very satisfied Dollar Shave Club customer!

Reviewed By Terry Warren on November 12, 2015, Illinois

DSC rules when it comes to customer service! I first tried their blades and other products in July of 2014. I had been very satisfied with my former blade (Schick Hydro 5), but was frustrated by its increasing cost. I compared the DSC 4x4 to my old blade and felt that it was almost (but not quite) as good as the Hydro 5, yet much more cost effective. DSC gave me a gratis upgrade to the Executive (their top-of-the-line blades), which I felt matched the quality of the Hydro 5 for a much better cost. That sort of attention to customer satisfaction is what made me a DSC convert.

I'd heard good things about the Harry's blades and placed an order to be able to compare the two clubs. It hasn't arrived yet, but I almost feel guilty now, like I'm cheating on DSC, because it was right after I placed the Harry's order that I had a problem with my last DSC order, and they remedied the situation in a manner that shows that they truly care about customer satisfaction.

I recently experienced a delay in receiving an order and contacted DSC about my disappointment. Based upon shipment tracking info, it became apparent that the delay was no fault of DSC, but had something to do with the transfer of carriers between DHL and USPS, as my box sat in Missouri for almost 6 days. DSC responded very quickly, shipped out a new box, credited my account, and informed me that my December blades are on the house. That response far exceeded what I could have expected. It's not just the products that keep me a DSC member - the sincere commitment to customer satisfaction is outstanding! It's just like their online ad states - DSC is f***ing great!

I have been shaving my face (except goatee) and head with the DSC Executive for almost a year-and-a-half now, and have never nicked or cut myself. Due to shaving my head and showering perhaps too frequently, the top of my head used to become very dry and flaky. The Dr. Carver's Magnanimous Post Shave has alleviated that problem, with the help of occasional use of the Dr. Carver's Miracle Repair Serum.

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1 Review

Good, not great

Reviewed By Salvador Snake-Sanchez on May 17, 2015

I tried all 3 types of blades and each type seems to "mock" a popular brand on the store shelves. However, the blades (and even the handles) fall short of their copied cousin. I'm guessing these are cheaply manufactured off-shore products to sell cheaply.

Although they provide a good shave the first couple of times, anything more than 3 or 4 shaves with the blades leaves more to be desired.

I give them 3 stars because I love the concept, the cost savings and the free shipping, but the product could use a more "quality" upgrade.

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September 02, 2015

Common sense and good rinsing in hot water, and a good blow drying - just blow out the excess water. I have used a multi blade razor for several weeks without putting in a new one. The key is clean and dry immediately and the shaver will last a long time.

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1 Review

Dollar Shave Club

Reviewed By LeAnne Ross Scarborough on December 31, 2014, Donalsonville, Georgia

I've been a member of Dollar Shave Club for about 4 months now (I have the Executive Package, $9/month) and I can honestly say that it's been incredible!! I shave every day, EVERY DAY and I'm saving about $200+/year being a member of the club; I use razors that cost about $25 for 4 blades. I usually use lotion to shave with & my husband uses shave gel, but I was pretty impressed with the butter sample I received, so I've added it to my next shipment and will continue to do so - gotta have those smooth legs for Summer!!

Five star experience with the club, the service, the changing of the shipments as I want them and I recommend this service to all of my friends and family.

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1 Review

Dollar Shave Club (An Honest Review)

Reviewed By Mark Huntanar on October 8, 2014

What follows is a completely honest review about my experiences with the Dollar Shave Club.

I found out about the Dollar Shave Club from a Facebook advertisement and joined out of curiosity after watching the goofy video about 3 months ago.

I'm one of those Alpha males who went from wearing my hair down to my shoulders until I joined the military and how completely shave both my face and head every yes, I shave every day. Before joining the Dollar Shave Club I used the Gillette 3-blade razors and Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream and switched my blade once a week.

My honest experience:

The concept/price: to state the obvious, you can't beat it. I estimate I'll save about $120 a year on blades not to mention no longer expending the mental energy to remember to buy blades, can find the same Delco blades at an equivalent price if you hunt online at retail stores if you hunt for them, but again that's the beauty of the concept.

Customer service: no issues, no badgering, no spam...I receive the blades like clockwork in the mail every 4 weeks.

The blades: of course this is what everyone wants to really know about. I use the 4-ply blades they offer.

NO, they are not as good as the 3-ply Gillettes I used in the past. I would compare them as equivalent as the 2-ply Gillettes. Also, straight out of the package, they are SHARP, and since the quality is not as good as the Gillette, you have to be careful the 1st or 2d time you shave-kind of like lathing a blade, with your face or head acting as the lathe. Quite frankly, I've received some amazingly wicked cuts after using them a number of times.

But I was in the infantry for over a decade, so no big deal-I'll adjust and just learn to be more careful with each shaving.

Will I continue to use the Dollar Shave Club? I'm going to continue to use the blade and I'm going to try that butter shave they offer (tried one sample and it was fantastic). Based on that experience-I'll decide whether or not to continue using them.

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