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E Cigs Brand is a company that sells electronic cigarettes, refill cartridges and all related accessories. The company claims that the electronic cigarette gives you the nicotine you want without all the side effects that come with smoking, such as second hand smoke and carcinogens. says their product only contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavoring that imitates tobacco flavor. Their cartridges have been toxicologically tested and contain no known ingredients that are considered cancer-causing.

E Cigs Brand sells a starter kit that contains one electronic cigarette unit with lithium-ion battery, 2 nicotine cartridges and one USB charger. The cost is $59.99.

There is also a 15 day trail offer for $9.99.  If you do not cancel within 15 days and every 30 days thereafter, you will be sent 10 refill packs for $79.99 plus shipping and handling. 
In addition, has a referral program where you can introduce the product to others and make commissions from your referrals. 

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1 Review is a credit card billing scam

Reviewed By Paul on August 8, 2014, North Dakota

I guess I should of read the Disclaimers before ordering products from this company but you just assume that this company is legit.
Well anyway I clicked on the order one time button and ordered a starter kit that has all the necessary things like charging devises and battery and Cartridge. That was $59.99 Plus box of 10 cartridges that was $79.99 total of 139.98 nothing was said about reoccurring credit card billing for the next 10 months. After talking to the lady who call me to confirm the order I asked if I was going to be rebilled every month for the cartridges and she said YES. After I told her I did order for reoccurring billing she HUNG UP on me. In the mean time I got a number to call to cancel my reoccurring order and they put you on hold and never get any response. So it appears that my only option is to cancel my Credit Card so I wont get rebilled.

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August 08, 2014

From Paul: I mistakenly posted that I said I did reorder for reoccurring billing but I meant to put I didn't order for reoccurring billing. This company is a scam all the way.

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They also pass your phone number off to a scam call center in India.

Reviewed By Amir on November 8, 2013, Oakland, CA

After you singed up with this site, you most likely got bombarded by endless phone calls from a call center in India. All calls pertain to a loan of sorts you applied for. They attempt to get your social security number and passwords. I verified this by signing up twice with
Did my homework and here are you boys:

Vitality & Wellness Ltd.
72 High Street
Ste 103 #218
GU27 2LA
United Kingdom
(800) 790-7456
Admin Email:

USA Contact Distributor:

Triangle Logistics Solutions LLC
2619 Industrial Row Drive
Troy, MI 48084-7038
(248) 977-5696 recorded message no one ever picks up
(248) 850-7806 will not accept blocked phone numbers

Brian Phillips – Chief Executive Officer phone # 661-261-4300 (found as the contact # on State of Michigan corporate filling for 2012.)

James Crandell – Director 248-977-5696 (through whitepages, could be wrong)

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Total Scammers

Reviewed By Michelle on November 3, 2013, NYC

I moved in June from my previous apartment. Apparently they keep sending them there even though I called and told them to cancel my account! I said I moved, and would not like to continue. Every time you think you cancel they try to wrap the words around offering some lower fee and trying to trick you. Even when I called back now 4 MONTHS later.. after I noticed they KEEP CHARGING ME, every time I cut the man off saying that I'm NOT INTERESTED and DON'T WANT ANYMORE...he kept getting his little sales pitch.
I'm NOT interested in a reduced fee... I'm NOT interested in referring anyone to your horrible scamming company... and I don't even live there anymore so why when I cancelled the first time do you keep sending stuff apparently?????
He told me if I "retrieved the shipment" I could send it back for a refund. Hard when I don't live there...dont know the new residents....and live in another state!!!!
They apparently don't know the meaning of cancellation, and rely on the luck that you wont be constantly checking your statement, so they can sneak another few charges out of you. Horrible company, I just wish I could tell everyone not to fall into their trap!

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Always always remember to read the terms and conditions!

Reviewed By Andrea  on September 9, 2013, Klamath Falls

I got the promotional email for the free trial and decided to check it out. After I got through the part where it told me how much shipping and handling was I thought "this is too good to be true" so I read the terms and conditions and I immediately got off the website. Don't blame the company for being a scam. They tell you exactly what they will do so they are not lying. Just don't be lazy and ALWAYS read terms and conditions before you give out your card info.

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September 14, 2013

These companies are not ethical. BEWARE of any free offer. There are many many legitimate companies on line. Remember...nothing is really free◆

Gary Clark
September 18, 2013

these scum suckers finally returned all my money, but it did take me several days to get this accomplished. May these bastards rot in hell..

June 05, 2014

I do not complain to lose money by not checking well the terms and conditions, I just have to pay my mistake. But after they charged the 1st 99.99usd, i call them to cancel the membership but always nobody, the line seems busy 24/24. I sent after a mail to request for a membership cancellation, now no reply . My question is HOW TO DO NEXT? block my account? what to do if they continue to send refill? I don't want use my time and money to send back . Headache with this kind of business, they make customer less confident with other honest online business.

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Total rip off

Reviewed By LORRAINE on September 5, 2013, Durham,uk

I bought a trial offer £6.99 but after getting my bank statement realised 2 mthly payments of £54 then £74 had come out of my account and now it looks like I may as well forget about the money taken, as Bank has told me to take it up with the company. That in the small print of my order it states a trial of refills x 10 will be sent at £74 a month with this order which only appears after you have bought the product. which I didn't see in print at all.. its a rip off, I DIDNT EVEN SPEND £74 A MONTH ON CIGS AND THE STRESS JUST MADE ME SMOKE MORE..!!! can SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH

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