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About Everbooked

Everbooked is a company who says their one goal is to help “small businesses compete with the big chains” by letting independent home renters use their professional technology to get the most money for their property.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, large hotel chains use sophisticated algorithms and formulas to determine when their hotel rooms and rental properties will have the highest demand, and then they apply higher rates at those times. When demand dips dangerously low, they have the ability to lower their rates to ensure their rooms and properties get booked when others may not.

Everbooked wants to give property owners that rent their spaces through Airbnb that same advantage. They use data and predictive analytics to determine the optimal price for your listing, and then apply it automatically so you can always get the best possible price for your listing. 

When you become a member, you will describe your Airbnb listing and how much you generally charge per night. They offer you their suggested pricing, and automatically update your listing if you approve their recommendations. 

You will always have control over the price of your listing, however. You can provide them with a Minimum and Maximum price range if you choose, and you can manually change prices whenever you choose. 

Cost/Price Plans

The Everbooked website is very clear: they have not yet begun charging any customers for the use of their services. When they do begin charging, the fee will be 1% of gross booking revenues from the end of their free trial period. All members will be offered a 30 day free trial of their services, and members who have been recommended by another Everbooked user may have access to free trial periods of between 60 and 90 days. 

Refund Policy

Because this company does not yet charge any fees for their services, they also do not offer a Refund Policy at this time. They are also unlikely to offer a standard Refund Policy when they begin charging fees, since their services are offered with a free trial and then will not likely lock users into a long term contract. Unhappy or dissatisfied customers will just cancel their service whenever they choose.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at Support@Everbooked.com or by using the Live Chat feature of their website whenever it is available.


There are not many reviews of this company from their members or users at this time, though there are a few blogs which have reviewed this company and positively commented on the potential they have to offer people who earn money from rental their property.

At this time, this website only works with Airbnb and cannot transfer their pricing to other rental websites, like VRBO, HomeAway, or Flipkey, which could be a problem for some property owners, because most people post their properties on more than one website to have the largest available market for their listing.

Customers can take the pricing information they get from their Airbnb listing and manually apply to the other websites where they list their rental, but this could be seen as frustrating and inefficient for many property owners. Thankfully, Everbooked says they are working on getting linked up with these other websites as well.

Competitors and Alternatives?

The science of price determination is one that can provide many benefits to many different people in a wide variety of industries. Currently there is at least one other provider who applies this information to vacation property rentals, called Beyond Pricing, and certainly there will be more competitors in the future.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Everbooked reviews below.

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