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About First Bankcard

First Bankcard is the credit card division of the First National Bank of Omaha, which includes more than six hundred financial institutions, co-brands, and affinity partners.

According to their website, First Bankcard has 42 years of history and is considered one of the Top 15 issuers of credit cards in the United States. Currently, the First National Bank of Nebraska is the largest privately owned banking company in the country.

This company backs a long list of well known credit cards affiliated with organizations like the NRA, where each transaction processing fee can go towards helping out those organizations that you support.

The bank says that it is committed to its customers, to offering quality products and superior service to best help their customers achieve their financial goals.

Towards this end, First Bankcard offers a long list of rewards and benefits to its customers for making purchases with their First Bankcard credit cards.

These benefits include superior security and extended protection for the first 90 days after you make purchases on your card, as well as the ability to purchase additional coverage on items which are good for up to a year after you make a purchase.

Theses rewards also include detailed, itemized monthly reports of your credit card activity, including listings of your employees’ credit card activities along with a record of tax deductible expense to help with your tax filings.

Finally, they also offer benefits to people who make travel arrangements with their credit cards. When you purchase the full cost of airline tickets to your card, you will receive lost luggage insurance, as well as up to $100,000 in travel insurance if something goes wrong.

In addition, users who place rental car charges on their card are eligible for discounts of up to 25%, as well as automatic insurance coverage so there is no need to pay the car rental company for their optional coverage.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your First Bankcard reviews below.

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Con Artists

Reviewed By Margo Monroe on February 11, 2015, San Francisco CA

Do yourselves a favor and stay away from First Bankcard. There is nothing positive about this card/company...BUYER BEWARE!

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Horrible experience

Reviewed By Justin on May 4, 2014

I had this credit card for 4 months. 0%apr for 12 months sounded great. Made a balance transfer and a couple purchases however.... I NEVER RECEIVED ONE STATEMENT from them. Late payments cancel the 0% apr so they were trying to get me to pay late. I requested atleast 8 statements including one that was faxed to me. I never received any mail statements and the faxed one was not legible. STAY AWAY from this company. I finally got fed up and paid my balance in full. Its a shame the NRA partnered with this shady bank.

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They suck

Reviewed By Dianna Day on January 21, 2014

I just sent them this letter.... It says it all...

You people amaze me. I received a letter stating my credit line was decreased from $8,000 to $1,000 because I used my card too much recently. Well Einsteins... First, you solicited ME to get the card last year. Second, I began using it on 12/2 and used it thru December for Xmas shopping. Third, I paid it off at the beginning of January. What u saw on my credit report was a bill consolidation loan and balances on the existing cards hadn't cleared yet. My credit score is over 700. I'm not a risk.

Who gets their credit limit decreased for using it to Xmas shop? I paid it in full in January. Over $4,700. They solicited me through last year. I took it because I was mega-purchasing gifts and I got a discount. I paid that balance off immediately as well They can keep their card. And their zero balance. I opt to use another competitors credit card for convenience during the holidays.

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