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About is a website that people can use to buy or sell services for the flat rate of $5. The service categories range from creating videos and graphics to making unique gifts to things that are simply “Fun & Bizarre.”

In order to sell something on Fiverr, you create a “gig,” which is a small service you are willing to perform for One Fiver ($5). Post it on the website. You will be notified when someone orders your service.

48 hours after your work has been successfully delivered, $4 will be deposited into your accounts, $1 taken by Fiverr. Your earnings can be withdrawn to a PayPal account.

To order something from Fiverr, you must pay $5 by PayPal or with a credit card. While your order is in progress, you can track the seller’s work, exchange files, and communicate with them.

You have 48 hours after the delivery of your product or service to ask for changes or corrections from the seller. You can provide feedback on the quality of work of every seller you do business with.

In order to buy or sell with Fiverr, you must be a registered user of their site. Registration is free and open to anyone.

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Fiverr is not a scam

Reviewed By Artois52 on February 7, 2014

I worked on and made some reasonable money.

The only problem that I found was how much some buyers expect for just $5!

Not a scam though. Just play by the rules and don't expect to get rich quick, and you'll'll be fine.

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Really Easy To Use

Reviewed By Karri S on October 1, 2013

I have loved working part time on Fiverr, but sometimes I get those people who just CANNOT read! It infuriates me when someone orders my gig, demands more than what my gig offers, then leaves a negative review or cancels the order, giving me a bad reputation when all I did was tell them I won't be able to do what they are asking.

Other than that, everything has been great! :) I always make sure to look through reviews and read the full title and description before ordering anything, just to be sure I know what I am buying. No problems there ... I've yet to run into a fraud seller this way!

The $1 commission for ever $5 is a little high but more than fair. Think about it ... Fiverr is giving you an store with no monthly fee or down payment! If you don't sell then you don't have to pay! Perfectly simple and a lot easier than setting up your own website, paying for domain names, certifications, etc, and renting out a spot on a server. Seriously, they even bring traffic through regular and efficient advertising! For a 20% fee that is awesome!

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Censorship at work

Reviewed By Peter on September 15, 2013, Maine

I ordered a gig from alliemadison12, and she sent an inferior video with the audio and video parts of according to Youtube when I tried to post it. When I asked for her to fix it, she said it was fine "as you can see." I posted a negative review on Fiverr, and they censored it twice even though I told the truth and in proper language, so I am posting my review here. Fiverr has no integrity.

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November 01, 2013

@peter In response to "Peter," This man, Peter Jensen whose Fiverr username is sandals4less, ordered a video from me. I delivered a great video that was perfectly in-sync. Peter then messaged me complaining that the audio and video did not match up, so I went out of my way to upload the video to other sites so he would be able to download it in-sync. He asked for a refund, which I found to be suspicious because I had contacted other people, sending the video, asking if it was in sync for them. I came across his youtube channgel, and sure enough, he was using my video which was perfectly in sync, that he demanded a refund for! I did some research on Peter Jensen and found multiple reports on businesses he has owned, such as sandals4less (a site in which he scams people into buying sandals, and never delivers and refunds.) He changes his phone numbers and website addresses monthly. He now has a limousine company in Standish Maine, and due to negative reviews, changes his website address constantly. He also is known to go to review sites to give his businesses positive reviews. Peter Jensen can not be trusted, and he is posting bad things about me all over the internet.

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Complete Scammers Stolen My Money

Reviewed By Garold Walker on July 27, 2013

i was the seller on and they blocked my account for no reason i was designing logos on this sites and completed over 29 orders, 6 delivered and 42 in queue pending!

they cancelled all the 42 + 6 delivered orders also disabled my account. I told them clearly that i haven't got paid for the work the copyrights of the work i have done is still mine and no buyer can use it untill i get paid for the work! But they didn't responded!

fiverr tells everyone about their terms but they don't follow it themselves and its piece of crap for users not for fiverr!

They are big scams they said to me i need to wait for 3 months to get paid! so if 3months are not over no buyer can use my logos as they copyrighted!

Fiverr support is even worse and don't provide any support at all.

Stay away from them they are complete scammers. They stole about $320 from me i am thinking of reporting them online for potential fraud and scam

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Won't Go Back

Reviewed By wendy smith on July 16, 2013, crystal beach fl

as a buyer, I learned how to ask questions first before making a purchase and have found some really good talent. I've made over 100 purchases, most of them satisfactory, some excellent.

BUT when I decided to sign up as an affiliate, thats when the true colors came out: I was surprised I wasn't getting any signups from my promo efforts so I had a couple friends sign up & make a purchase. Hmmm, no credit on my acct. Cust Svc said I used the wrong link. (really?). So then, I sent a direct link to a couple other friends, had them sign up, make purchase - hmmm, no credit for them either.

SUMMARY fiverr is good is you are a buyer, but not if you are an affiliate or a seller. I've decided if they treat sellers & affiliates like that (not paying the money due) then I won't shop there either. So, they got me for $84. But thats stupid business - I've spent much more than that as a buyer....

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