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Homeowner Defense Network connects homeowners, who are in danger of losing their home to foreclosure, with their affiliated partners. Whether you have already been served with a foreclosure notice or have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, Homeowner Defense Network may be able to help you.

In order to contact Homeowner Defense Network for help you may call them or submit the form offered on their site to receive a free, no-obligation consultation. From there, you will be contacted by their counselors who will discuss different options you choose to pursue to save your home. Should you need a stronger defense, they are equipped to guide you to lawyers in your area to get the help you need.

Since each person’s circumstances are different, different options are presented for that particular case. For homeowners who have received a foreclosure notice there are some alternatives available. These include a deed in lieu of a foreclosure, a short sale or a loan modification.

After you submit your documents and information to one of the Homeowner Defense Network representatives, they will help you determine if you are eligible and quality for their services. Once they have reviewed the pertinent information, they will provide an outlined strategy for you. Their strategic foreclosure defense may help you stop a foreclosure. They can also determine if you have been a victim of wrongful foreclosure. The outcome of most cases typically help you recover lost funds, eliminate deficiency payments or reduce your monthly mortgage.

Online reviews showed that while some homeowners were satisfied with the services provided by Homeowner Defense Network, others were left with a situation worse than what they initially started with.

It is also necessary to point out that they state, within their terms and conditions, they are not affiliated with the government and they are not lawyers. Although they will try their best to help you, there are no guarantees you will achieve any relief using their services.

Through government programs homeowners can try to stop foreclosures on their own or try to reduce their current mortgages. The “Making Home Affordable” (MHA) Program was specifically created to help those facing foreclosure.  These loans, attached to high APR’s, are now able to be refinanced at the low mortgage interest rates.

Beware of companies that charge you money up front and make promises to help you regardless of your situation. It is a possibility they are conducting illegal practices by collecting money upfront; especially when they can’t possibly predict the outcome of your case.

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Reviewed By bill werner on October 2, 2013, springfield illinois

this company said they could help me they said they woudnt debit my account iif they coudnt help thousands of dollars later im am in the same boat

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