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LA Weight Loss, found online at, is a new diet and nutrition program design for successful weight loss, without any need to “starve” yourself or feeling deprived.

How Does It Work?

LA Weight Loss provides people with a variety of online diet programs which are intended to help people lose weight quickly, while also teaching them the best possible health and wellness habits which will help them continue with health weight maintenance after they achieve their weight loss goals.

According to their website, signing up for their program will give you access to one of their counselors, which is someone who has successfully used their program to meet all their own personal weight loss goals. Together you and the counselor will take into account your lifestyle, activity level, and other factors to set your weight loss goals. 

After you’ve reached your initial goals, you’ll get to introduce more variety into your meal choices and continue learning tips and tricks for weight maintenance. The website says that most diets fail to take into account the way bodies really function, but they promise to give their members meal plans with protein, carbohydrates, and even fat. 

Your days will consist of three meals chosen from their menus and compiled from items easy to purchase at your local grocery store. You will then supplement with drinks, snacks, and sometimes protein powders from their proprietary LA line of food items. These supplemental items are not considered optional – they are an important part of their plan. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently LA Weight Loss provides two different program plans, the Silver Plan, which includes their proprietary LA Bars as a snack supplement and is $149.95 per month if you choose an autoshipment of your supplemental products, or $199.95 if you wish to purchase a single shipment at a time. 

The Gold Plan is the upgraded plan for people who are hoping to "jumpstart" their weight loss using the LA Weight Loss SlimDown Powder in addition to the LA Bars, and it costs $199.95 per month if you choose the autoshipment option and $249.95 per month if you purchase a single shipment at a time.

Both membership plans include support from the LA Weight Loss counselors, access to their online recipes, menu plans, monthly newsletters, and more. 

Refund Policy

The website says that brand new customers have one week to try their LA Lite Bars and TakeOFF Juice, and if they determine that they do not like them, they can email their Customer Service team within 7 days and then return the remaining product for a full refund of the purchase price, less all costs of Shipping and Handling.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-513-5106, by email at, or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link. 


Unfortunately, LA Weight Loss has a history of unhappy customers and vocal critics due to previous practices regarding sales of their supplemental snacks, juices, powders, etc. when they operated out of their diet centers. People regularly complained of extremely aggressive sales people, “nutritionists” that were nothing more than employees who worked on commissions.

LA Weight Loss has since decided to change its approach to their members, closing almost all their diet centers and becoming an online program instead. Now, customers can order the packages and items they want, without speaking to a salesperson first. 

It seems like a move in the right direction, since their overall weight loss philosophy of teaching portion control, healthy eating habits, and how to maneuver your local supermarket while making the best choices for your needs is a simple but very effective approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

Of course there are many, many different types of diets and diet programs that people can use if they are interested in undertaking a weight loss program, including, Diet-To-Go, The Diet Solution Program, Dukan Diet, Ideal Protein Diet, Dr. Fuhrman End Dieting Forever, and many, many others.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your LA Weight Loss reviews below.

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