About is a company that claims to provide their customers with access to any legal documents they need for the most common and popular personal and business issues that people encounter. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, this company promises their users can find any legal forms they will need within the categories of Personal Documents, Business Documents, Real Estate Documents, including common forms that many people find need of at some point in their life, like Bill of Sale, Last Will and Testament, Lease Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Promissory Notes, Eviction Notices, Health Care Directives, and more.

Once you choose the form you need, the website will walk you through the process of filling out your form by asking you a series of questions, with some explanations and directions included. Once you have answered all the questions, the website will then produce a completed legal document with all your necessary information. 

It is important to note that this company is not a law firm, nor are they a legal company. Instead, they are a company whose goal is to provide you with up-to-date legal forms which have been designed by professional lawyers. 

Cost/Price Plans

This company does offer subscription services for their customers, including a month-to-month option which is designed for individuals who may not need use of their services for longer than just a month or two. This plan is priced at $33 per month, and comes with a seven day free trial that allows members to get as many free legal documents as they choose during that time period.

If you are a business owner, landlord, or anyone else that finds they have repeated need of legal document services over the course of a year, you can purchase their annual subscription which costs $95.88 per year and breaks down to $7.99 per month.  

Refund Policy does have a variety of Guarantee Policies that are intended to protect and help their customers whose forms have been filled out inaccurately or with other mistakes that have caused problems with your filing, but in order to be covered under these Guarantees, the errors must be the fault of the website and not the customer, and the documents that were produced must have been paid for before the error was discovered.

If you meet those requirements, there are multiple different Guarantee Policies in place to protect you and your interests. Customers should look to their Terms and Conditions for specific details regarding these policies. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-612-9120, by submitting them directly to their website through their Help link at the bottom of the webpage, or by using their website's Live Chat feature. 


There seems to be very few available reviews for this company and their services, which isn’t surprising given the nature of the product.

There are a few complaints found online about difficulty successfully canceling the seven day free trial, and issues with poor Customer Service when customers discovered recurring charges on their accounts.

This is an extremely common occurrence with free trials of all kinds, so it is important that anyone who takes advantage of this trial service should make sure to get a confirmation number or email when they cancel their enrollment during the trial period.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different online companies and websites that will provide customers with their necessary legal forms, including LawDepot, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc,, and many others. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Poor customer service

Reviewed By Sella on January 20, 2017

I called customer service and they treat you like they are smarter than you are and we are all ignorant customers that owe them everything. They insult customers by telling them to write down everything that they are told and ask them to write it down over and over again. Then they tell us that we need to read the fine print and are very condescending and insulting. Don’t waste your money with them, use a competitor that has better customer service and does not down talk customers!

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