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Legit or Scam?


Memolink.com is an online rewards company, based in Colorado, that has been online since 1998.  The company offers its members a chance to earn various rewards for performing simple online tasks.  Memolink members earn points by trying out new products, visiting certain websites, reading emails, online shopping, and completing market research surveys.

After you complete a task you earn points which are accumulated in your account until you choose to cash them out for rewards.  Your basic rewards include gift certificates for stores, restaurants, and theaters. Memolink has been very successful using these rewards to recruit members and currently have over ten million users.

This business model works because advertisers cut product costs in return for the large audience that Memolink can deliver.  Ideally, this is supposed to be a win-win situation since you get rewarded for browsing the net, advertisers get eyeballs on their ad campaigns, and Memolink gets paid for putting the two together.

However, there are some complaints from Memolink.com members who claim that the company has not fulfilled its end of the bargain.  Folks have been with Memolink for a long time and have diligently saved up their points only to be disappointed by the long wait and sometimes non-deliverance of rewards.

Memolink's staff has issued several press releases regarding the reason for delays and non payment, claiming that they've been temporarily backlogged.  Yet, some people have reported waiting several years for their rewards and ultimately quitting out of frustration.

The truth is that even if Memolink paid out all rewards on time and without complications the opportunity itself is not lucrative.  The value of Memolink points based on the time it takes to earn them when compared to their dollar value is miniscule.

This goes for all online rewards companies, by acting as middlemen for advertisers they filter out most of the profits for themselves and offer their members pennies for reading emails and completing offers.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Memolink'


Average Rating is 3.45 out of 5 based on 39 reviews.

cathy hurless   frankfort indiana

11:09am on November 9th, 2014 

i can't get on your website to do my surveys for my points for the last 4 days and have lost those points for those days

Terri   Colorado

6:29pm on October 16th, 2014 

Couldn't sign into my account once I earned enough points to cash them in. I could look at almost everything, but to redeem the points you have to use your password. For some reason my password wouldn't work. The sight never gave the 'forgot password' option after a few attempts to sign in. The 'contact us' section just brings up a question and answer section. When i clicked on the thumbs down on 'was this helpful' I was taken to a page that said input email address and we will send you an email to set up new password. Never received the email. I do a lot of these type of earn rewards sites, luckily on this one I only earned about $10 which is the lowest payout you can get. Always try and get the payouts when they are low at first until you know the company is reliable. It did take an extremely long time to earn the $10. I would say this site is a scam.

Helen   Tx

12:14pm on September 25th, 2014 

This is NOT a scam because I have used Memolink for 4 years now and have gotten almost $400 on rewards. Just recently Memolink has changed their method of adding your reward points and it is excellent. Now, i don't even have to follow up about missing points. They even notify you that points have been posted. I don't know what the others are talking about. i am happy with memolink

Susan   Long Island

7:07am on March 15th, 2014 

I have been with Memolink for about 15 years. It is excellent--prompt rewards, excellent customer service. For people who complain about "working" for ten cents an hour", this site is not a job! It is a way to get a few perks for shopping.

Thomas   Milwaukee

12:40pm on March 1st, 2013 

It used to be an okay site if you don't mind working for about 10 cents an hour if you're lucky. Often times after you complete a survey and get the confirmation you still don't always get your reward. They have a fictional customer support option which is actually non-support. There are many much better survey sites around so I would tell you not to bother with this one,

George   Cattaraugus,NY

4:20pm on January 12th, 2013 

I have been with Memolink almost since they started up and they have always responded quickly to any problems with prompt and very courteous service.Have always recieved my rewards (quite a few of them )as promised .They even sent me a nice Christmas card that was signed by everyone there.They are a great bunch and they are not trying to rip people off.I do almost all my shopping thru them and have never had any problems at all.Points are easy to get and well worth the effort.

susan   NY

11:01am on December 24th, 2012 

Pretty good. EXCEPT for the past 4 days I have not gotten one single search accepted for 5 points. I know it doesn't reward for every single search. But nothing for 4 days now. I sent a support question, no answer yet. Anyone else having trouble with the search and win?

Tim Smith   Orlando

8:59am on November 15th, 2012 

I have been a customer for quite some time and have earned over 8 million points over the years. I have always asked for cold hard cash for my rewards. They are curtious and prompt in responses and issuing out rewards. However, as of late, being the past 6 months, they are rather slow in processing the rewards...it does not mean that they arent doing it. Memolink is not a scam...just slow as of late. Enjoy!

Char   Michigan

8:01am on August 22nd, 2012 

Been a member for about 10 years, never had a major problem, the ones I have had I email their support,and usually get it straight within a couple of days. always received my rewards sometimes a little slow. Don't like the small number of click thru points, what used to earn 5 or 6 points is only 1 now, and you need a lot more points to claim a reward. I miss their lotto I used to win points for 2 or more winning numbers, the lotto they use now is a scam lotto.

Jim   Plymouth, MN

5:14pm on June 11th, 2012 

I have been a member with Memolink for over a decade now. Memolink is not a scam. It isn't the easiest way to earn free rewards either. But they aren't scam artists or or a ripoff. When it first started years ago, you would earn fewer points, but it required less points for the rewards. At one point I had multiple accounts. When they caught on to what I was doing, they closed all of my accounts except the one that I had the longest. I have earned literally a couple hundred dollars in gift cards from them. I have only shopped through their site a couple of times. Not sure how someone can say they ripped them off, since memolink has never asked for my account information. The online stores do, but memolink does not. Over the last couple of years I only click on the emails from memolink for points and occasionally go to their site and click on links for points. I can usually earn a $10 gift card a year doing that.

These days, I spend most of my time (and online shopping) at mypoints. I save my points up and around September trade them in for gift cards that I can use on Black Friday. Though Mypoints, I usually earn about $200 a year in gift cards for Walmart, Old Navy, Target. We will match up the Old Navy gift cards with the gift cards my wife earns with her Old Navy visa and we can usually buy all of our daughters clothes there without spending any money.

I have never had any problems with Memolink. Always received my stuff. Have always got my points credited to my account too. I just don't like the fact that they changed everything 5 or 6 years ago and it makes it a lot harder to earn stuff.

David   Dallas,TX

3:42pm on April 16th, 2012 

I was a member for 5 years and there are times you won't get your points you earned.I never had a problem with getting rewards until a few months ago.They sent me a amazon gift card and the code in the email didn't work. After sending numerous emails to customer service without a response I canceled my account.

Dave   Michigan

4:01pm on March 14th, 2012 

Im a member of memolink.com
I been a member for 3 Months.
I Actually just purchased my first amazon giftcard.
But its still pending. Its been 2 weeks now.

D.L. Foreman   New Orleans, LA

8:56pm on October 9th, 2011 

As with any company that does business with the public, there will be customers who are satisfied and those who find fault no matter what is done. Memolink and I have a history going back to the late 90's; I've accumulated enough points (through shopping online, taking surveys, clicking the "Deal of the Day", participating in the daily lotto, and answering the daily trival question) to redeem for a variety of their items, all of which arrived within an ACCEPTABLE time frame.

Not overnight or next-day, but I didn't have to wait years either. Never called customer service, so I can't comment about that, but it's been MY experience that as long as you: 1) have REASONABLE expectations when deciding to complete an offer, and 2) realize that when/if mistakes happen, it's not an automatic red flag that "OMG, this company is a SCAM!!!", you just might be able to see the value in participating in memolink's program.

For me, I will shop online anyway, so why not earn points for buying things I'd purchase anyway [and SO WHAT if memolink doesn't offer me 100,000 points per dollar spent; I could purchase directly from the source (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc) and receive Z-E-R-O points... see my point?]. Bottom line - everyone's experience will be different.

One great redemption doesn't mean I'm a customer for life, and one mistake doesn't mean I'll tell everyone I know to stay away from them.

mike   us

10:07pm on April 28th, 2011 

If you don't mind sitting and doing surveys for what equals about a dollar per hour... go for it.

Not to mention how many surveys you will be disqualified after 5 minutes into the survey and you get rewarded to what equals about a penny!

Dwayne   Florida

8:57pm on March 5th, 2011 

I have been a member of memolink since 2006. Other than delivery delays if a gift card is redeemed within the time frame of a holiday and the occasional hiccup of credit reflected for completion of certain point earning opportunities, they are quite reliable to and for me.

Peach55   Kentucky

9:33am on February 22nd, 2011 

I have been a member of Memolink probably since their inception. I also am a member of MyPoints. I like Memolink because their points add up faster, but both have been very reputable. I visit both sights every day. When I shop online I always check if the store is with Memolink. Though I have had to contact customer support for missing points from time to time, they ALWAYS have awarded the points and ALWAYS are very courteous. I have received several rewards from them and have received the rewards through the mail within 7-10 days. MyPoints rewards takes quite a bit longer to receive. Never had a problem with either on getting the rewards though.

Cheryl Orr   Grants Pass, OR

4:38pm on January 22nd, 2011 

I have been a panelist for several years now and everything was going fine. Got my points and rewards promptly. When there was a problem, it was taken care of quickly. But where I ran into problems was with their Survey Sampling site. I took and qualified for several of their surveys, but never received the points. After several months and several emails back and forth with Memolink, I was politely told that Survey Sampling had a problem with their site and there was nothing they could do. Near as I can tell it was over 10,000 points I lost.

Anthony   NC USA

12:10am on January 12th, 2011 

I am rating this a ONE because there is no option for a ZERO. This is a scam. They only pay a few people so they occasionally get good ratings so that encourages a few more people to try their site. But trust me, you'll probably be one of the ones who spend a lot of time on their site and shopping through them only to get nothing. They always claim to send you prize, but you don't get it. Trust me, look elsewhere. There are other opportunities out there that is much better and are not scams.

Richard   San Francisco

3:27pm on October 7th, 2010 

Trust me, Memolink IS a scam. I joined around 2003. Spent months going through hoops to earn points (visiting sites, joining AOL, etc.). When I finally had enough points and tried redeeming them for a $50 Amazon gift card, they came up with some B.S. excuse why it couldn't be fulfilled right away. I went back & forth with them for over a year and to this day have never received my prize. These people are crooks pure & simple.


11:07am on September 22nd, 2010 


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