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Tame your finances

Reviewed By Aline on November 29, 2011, Kansas

I absolutely love Mint because it helps me tame my finances.
I first heard in on a podcast (internet radio show – MoneyGirl) and it blew my mind, but my husband was worried because it’d be directly connected to our bank account. So I had to open a test bank account and within 1 month I was absolutely crazy about the service that my husband wanted to check it out. He talked to our bank and our manager advised us to always check our totals everyday but that so far it was a safe tool. So we jumped right in and it has been amazing because our finances are now fun and easy to track. We have not been able to save as much as we wanted but we are now capable of tracking our expenses and see where we can save up some money. Of course it is not an instant solution, but hopefully it will be our last time trying to figure out how to handle money – so far it works wonderfully!

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