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About is the home of MyScore, a company which offers their members access to their credit report for the cost of just one dollar, as well as a free trial membership to credit fraud and identity theft protection service.

According to their website, they consider themselves America's "go-to source" for credit information, management, and protection. This is partially because they say they work to educate their members in their Credit Learning Center. 

This Learning Center provides resources both for free and paid members that help users understand what they call the "complex credit industry," which empowers them to make better decisions regarding their finances.

They say their educational resources in combination with their other tools and benefits have given them a reputation for providing their members with the most comprehensive and convenient credit score services available.

Though they do offer free resources and information, customers who decide to take part in the free trial of the MyScore Credit Monitoring will receive the best possible benefits, including 24/7 monitoring and automatic email alerts at all 3 credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Unlike other credit monitoring services, says their members also receive other benefits like their Pro-Rewards, which includes money saving opportunities like restaurant vouchers, grocery coupons, PC tech support, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Some people are uncomfortable with these type of credit score and reporting services, because they usually only advertise their trial offer and not their monthly, which is in this case $29.95 a month for monitoring services.

This reputation has made consumers wary of these companies and led to claims that they are not safe, or that they are "fake." publishes their monthly cost as well as the time period of their trial - 7 days - at the top of their webpage, however.

This means that consumers who have complaints or issues or simply do not choose to continue using the services can easily cancel their membership during this week long period by utilizing their email or telephone customer service contact info and will receive no further charges.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your reviews below.

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1 Review SUCKS!!!!

Reviewed By Henderson Nugent on November 3, 2014, Oceanside, California

Customer Service Sucks. Act like a scam company!

Argued with me when I called in to cancel service!

Customer service rep couldn't speak correct English and sounded like they were reading(badly) from a script.

Wouldn't cancel service! Kept asking me why I wanted to cancel!(As if it's really any of their business)

Ridiculously ignorant and just wanting to keep billing.

Probably the worst representative that I have talked to in the LAST 10 YEARS!


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1 Review

100% SCAM

Reviewed By John Smith on October 10, 2014

This is the ringleader and the conman who is behind all of these predatory practices. BENJAMIN CHILLEMI. Judge for yourself and see if this is correct. We all need to unite as one to pack a punch! Send him emails letting him know of his fraudulent activities. Make his name and his cohorts known,. Whenever you say anything about or any of its alternative sites (there are many) be sure to drop BENJAMIN CHILLEMI in the comment. The only way this will end is if word gets out to the mainstream media. Do this, and we will prosper. Our justice will prevail!

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