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About Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker

Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker, found online at, is a new toy for kids that helps them get into the kitchen and make safe and fun treats for themselves.        

How Does It Work?

For customers who do not know, the Num Noms toy product line is described as “a recipe for mischief with so many wacky combos” where children are encouraged to “pick a container, add a Nom, pick their Nums, and create their own combos.”

More specifically, Num Noms are mini food play dishes which are scented collectible characters. The Nums are soft, scented, “bite-sized” characters which behave as the top of the Num Nom character. The Nom is a motorized toy that is either a lip gloss, stamp, eraser, or a light. 

The Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker is a food toy that lets children create their own frozen pop treats in the shape of the Num Noms characters. It comes with three flavor packets, including Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, and Pineapple, and everything else you need to successfully let your kids make their own frozen snacks. 

Cost/Price Plans

At this time the Num Noms website does not actually sell any of their products directly to their consumers. Instead, they provide customers with a list of where their products can be purchased, which includes, Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Claire's, Toys R Us, and more.

Because this product is sold at a variety of retailers customers will also find a variety of prices, especially when sales and promotions are taken into consideration, but at this time has this product listed at $17.99.

Refund Policy

Since this product is not actually sold directly through this company’s website they do not actually appear to offer their customers a Refund Policy at this time. Customers will instead need to adhere to whatever Refund or Return Policy is available from the retailer where they actually purchased this product.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-222-4685. 


Right now it appears that this product gets really mixed reviews, with some people saying their kids love this product and others not having as quite high of an opinion. Specifically there are some issues with the flavors included in this product, which makes sense as everyone will have their tastes.

Perhaps the more concerning complaints about this product was when customers said that it was difficult to get the frozen pops out of their molds and that the molds had to be run under warm water to release the pops, which actually made them slushies and less of a frozen pop on a stick. 

Not every parent reported having these issues, however, so customers will simply have to make the decision for themselves and their child.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different kinds of toys and children’s products that are focused on the kitchen and on helping them get an interest in food and cooking, so people who are looking for an alternative to the Num Noms toys should be able to find many other options that fit what they are looking for. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker reviews below.

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