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Better a pay for site

Reviewed By Chris on November 5, 2014

Awful website. Good job it's free. First and not least is that you are not allowed to corresond with anyone in their 20s ro 30s if you are outside that age group.
Forget that it will not happend. Even if you decied on the age range in the advanced feature you are still not allowed to seach for anyone outside 10 years of your age range.
Better to pay for a site and know that everyone can see you and make their own decisions than decide on this site for free.
Lots of woman in their 40s and 50s looking for toyboys. Go for it.

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November 15, 2014

Plenty of Fish lies to possible & potential customers & clients by claiming they have more members than all paid online dating websites combined, they also claim they are the largest online dating website in the world when they only operate in Canada where they are home based in Vancouver, BC,
The United States, Australia, Ireland & Great Britain. That's only 5 countries and since when only 5 countries makes up the entire world? It doesn't, there
are far more countries in the world than just 5 countries, those are more lies
that Plenty of Fish is telling. There will be more complaints againist Plenty of Fish as time goes on. Plenty of Fish is the very worst online dating website in
The entire world. They need to be put right out of business NOW, NOT 1,000 YEARS FROM NOW.

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POF truly means Plenty of Frustration

Reviewed By Christopher S. O'Rourke on September 18, 2014, Marana,AZ

I deleted my POF profile two days ago after having nothing but PLENTY OF FRUSTRATION with the POF dating website. When I first went on it, I had in my profile listed-Seeks Filipina woman for dating & marriage who seek the same. POF only matched me with Caucasian women which want nothing to do with me whatsoever because I was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina woman. I asked, begged & pleaded with POF to only match me with Asian women. POF has deliberately & intentionally kept me from being matched with Asian women on purpose. POF has been practicing white on white racism towards me. I'm white American of Irish-Norwegion ancestery & a widower. The majority of white American women(98%) that have never been around people that are originally from the Philippines & people of Philippine background don't want anything to do with me at all whatsoever. POF doesn't like it when black & white American men message & have Asian women on their favorites at all. POF has blocked me from sending messages to my favorites on purpose, they demanded that I immediately upgrade my profile if I want to send messages. I have called their SO CALLED customer service number. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A BIG JOKE AT POF. My advice to all who are looking for an online dating website, STAY AWAY FROM PLENTY OF FISH, go to Christian, e, they are far better.

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Lots of Frogs...Gotta Be Patient

Reviewed By Danielle on March 3, 2014

Most of the negative Neds and Nancys on here leaving bad reviews are still single because they walk through life with a disgruntled attitude and cynical can you attract positivity when you're projecting so much negativity?

Are there a lot of gold diggers looking for a free meal ticket or just straight up douchebags on the site? Yes. There are many...but there are also people, like you, looking for something of substance. Most people have heard the proverb "good things come to those who wait". This statement couldn't be more true about online (in general) dating. I

knew a friend who met their spouse on this site so I stuck it out for a while, even after a few bad dates and 1 straight up heartbreak.

2 years of dating and I'm now married to a man I met on pof. The site is freakin' free...and there are thousands of people to connect with. If you don't have an "instant gratification" type mindset and don't mind filtering out all the idiots, give it a shot. What do you have to lose?? Be patient and don't throw in the towel so easily.

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Armored Lightning
July 07, 2014

you are totally wrong in my case, i had joined this site and was going good, went to bed, had told one person that had emailed me, that i was logging off for the night and she can send a message with the questions and i would answer in the morning. well i had 2 emails waiting for me, and when i tried to log in, my password would not work, and then tried to have them reset and my email didn't exist or was not in database. and it has taken those stupid retards of a customer service 4 months to reply. so they are not a site you want to use. and i am glad i never spent money. so i will make it my purpose to put this sites rep into the dirt so far they can't get out. and i have seen so many posts on their forum of people's friends that have the same accounts been deleted

September 16, 2014

My advice for anyone that is thinking of going on a dating website, I very highly recommend Christian Mingle and e Harmony which are by far the two best dating websites to try. Stay away from POF which is the very worst of the worst dating websites. Three weeks ago I tried to send messages to my favorites, the messages were blocked for no reason by POF, they demanded that if I want to send messages to my favorites that I will have to upgrade immediately. I filed a complaint against POF with the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver,BC,Canada, also files three more complaints against POF with, and now submitting reviews about POF to

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Disappointing Dating Site For Free Members

Reviewed By Steve Costa on November 22, 2013, Brentwood, CA

I joined POF in April 2013. I'm a widower who is well off financially , nice looking for my age so I am told, and a gentleman. I've sent out SCADS of messages and have gotten no responses. I looked at who viewed my profile and numerous women who I messaged, did not view my profile. That raises a red flag for me. Wouldn't it stand to reason that someone who you messaged would view your profile to read about you? I'm sure some women on here are genuine but many are not. Very disappointing to say the least.

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September 18, 2014

Steve Costa I totally agree with your comment about the POF dating website, I deleted my POF profile two days ago, I am glad that I did do that. I'm a widower like you, I was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina women, I 'm seeking another wonderfull Filipina woman. POF knew my profile said Seeks Filipina woman for dating & marriage who seeks the same. The POF website has only matched me with non Asian women, they have blocked me from sending messages to my favorites who are by the way Filipina women on purpose. Being that I'm white American of Irish-Norwegion ancestery that was married to a wonderful Filipina women, the majority of white American women(98%) that have never been around people from the Philippines & of Philippine background won't and don''t want anything to do with me whatsoever I told POF that, they didn't want to hear it. I have called their SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE phone number numerous times, they never bothered to call me back, never bothered to e mail me at all FOR NO REASON. POF has been practicing white on white racism because I. Was inter racially married & I'm seeking Filipina to date since I'm planning to move back to the Philippines in 4 years & live out my life there.

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1 year and a half later: ENGAGED to be married on May 31st, 2014

Reviewed By Rachel on November 1, 2013, San Diego

I had been on the website a good solid year, maybe a couple months longer with no such luck. I probably deleted my account, and started it back up only to delete it again a dozen times...but because I had a friend who had found it to be effective (he had met his girlfriend who he was absolutely crazy about on there), and because the men I was meeting in day to day life were not "take home to meet the parents" worthy, I decided to give it one last shot. My profile was constantly littered with messages from people who were way too old, who were sending very odd and unacceptable messages, and also from people who were interested in things that I simply was not. Most of my messages consisted of the following:

"Hi. You're hott."
"I want you to have my babies."
"Hey Sexxxiii."
"I'm having a party tonight. You should bring a couple girlfriends."

Then I'd get the long and elaborate messages from the men who paid attention to every single detail in my profile...which I appreciated and was flattered by, but that's just not my cup of tea upon the first interaction. Kind of scared me a little actually!

I had probably gone out on about 15 dates total, some pretty awesome ones that resulted in great friendships...and some not-so-great ones. I got to a point where I was about to delete my profile for the last time, and then I received a message from a handsome looking man in the age range I was looking for.

I ended up meeting my fiance a day later for a date at the bowling alley. He was the first man from that site that I allowed to pick me up upon meeting from my home, and take me out on a proper date. When he got out of the car, I was SHOCKED. He was SO much better looking in person than what his photos made him out to be...seriously, the best surprise I had ever had while meeting someone online. Usually, they end up looking worse.

We had the best time, and were inseparable ever since. I truly found my other half that I have been looking all these years for. He understands me, loves me, and is always pushing me to be my very best. He took me to meet his family on the east coast and we have been back 2 times since. On our last trip this past summer, he popped the question in front of his entire family. I have felt like a family since day even more-so since I will soon share their last name... and it's a wonderful thing. Couldn't be any happier.

I say to all the skeptics, what is there to lose? You really never know who you may "bump" into online...the love of your life could be a click or two *or several ;) * away. Good luck!!!

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April 18, 2014

I met someone nice as well and he gave me his number. I gave him my email address and was booted or banned off then for a minute on and off it again. I thought it was because of putting my email address then I find other men have it on their own profiles and sent me email address to contact them yet they are still on t. This guy met all I ask God for in a guy yet now it won't let me contact him. I am afraid he thinks I am not interested now since his number was taken off with my emails before I could write it down. He is still an active member. JOHNNYMTAC from Clinton Tn. I am Debbie my user name is christianshortcake the other I open thinking this one was closed is littledebbie4boaz. I hate he think I was not a good person and I really thought we hit it off. Eve if just friends. But I feel its unfair when they allow intimate encounters which I want no par with yet say if you show or talk dirty which I don't. Yet they have people who read your stuff and determine who they pick at times. I am glad it finally worked for you but I pray hat was meant for my bad turnsout good for me as well. Congradulations on your sucessfull engagement. My email is or should you have any suggestions to help me. Debbie

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