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Is SMC Legit or a Scam?


SMC, or the Specialty Merchandise Corporation, is a company that’s been offering people an online business opportunity for many years. SMC ads can be found all over late night infomercials and internet advertisements. They even have a retired actor pitching their program, something that causes many folks to assume it’s not a scam.

The way the SMC business opportunity works is that each person who joins becomes an authorized reseller of various items from the SMC warehouse. Each member gets their own web store and training in how to attract customers to their website. When someone buys a product from your store you’ll be credited with commissions from each sale generated.

SMC Membership is offered in a gold and silver plan. The difference being that the gold plan is a onetime payment of $299.95 while the silver is a payment plan with an initial fee of $24.95 and 11 monthly payments of $39.95. If you do the math the payment plan comes out to be $164.45 more than the gold plan.

This is the Specialty Merchandise Corporation’s way of increasing their cash flow by offering you incentives to buy the whole thing at once. So if you do join the SMC home business for the long haul the smarter option is the gold plan.

Once you’re a member of the Specialty Merchandise Corporation the way for you to make back your money is to sell as much of their products as you can. SMC has grown very popular due to their advertising, and while it may raise demand for their products it actually hurts your bottom line. Each time a new member signs up that’s a new competitor vying for your commissions.

So is SMC a Scam?

The internet is flooded with resale websites that people are putting up daily as a result of the SMC Business Opportunity. This saturated market for SMC products has led to a drastic price cutting battle among SMC members.

On top of that hurdle, if you’re selling online you'll have to deal with the fact that Google and other prominent search engines tend to ignore simple resale sites. You’ll be faced with an uphill battle of getting customers to your website as well as selling the products for less profit.

This does not make SMC an outright scam, and people do make money selling their products. However this does mean that in order to succeed you definitely have to think outside the box and find creative ways to make your SMC business model stand out from the rest of the growing pack.

So while SMC may seem like a good home business opportunity, what they don’t tell you is that the more successful they get from membership fees the harder it is for you to make money.

Unless you own a retail store or a popular website site with lots of traffic it’ll be difficult for you to make money with SMC…and to make matters worse their sales staff won’t quit bugging you once you stop buying their products.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'SMC Business Opportunity'


Average Rating is 2.08 out of 5 based on 75 reviews.

terry piper   beechmont ky

12:50pm on March 9th, 2014

I have been invalid with smc in the past and was wondering if my membership is steal active if so pls contact me at 270-476-6003 thank you . And I have dune good with it and would like to get back in it

Mary Kindle   Tennessee

12:26am on September 6th, 2013 

My sister got the kit which included the catalog and the internet which was more. She couldnt wait to talk to her coach that was assigned to her. She call him and he told her that he was asleep because he is on the nite shift. She needed to call him back when he wakes up. She got offended by this because guess what. She has a daytime job duh. So that went in the air. She call SMC and told them what and if possible could she get another coach that was willing to help her. Dead silence. She got screw royalty. I would not recommend SMC to anybody. I think you would do better going on Ebay to sale.

Beverly   North Carolina

12:12am on July 7th, 2013 

I joined SMC back in the eighties when it only cost $24.00 to join. I ordered the kit and bought some products for a low price and yes, I made some much needed money. I would go out for an hour after work and I would make about $25.00 for that hour. I lost touch with SMC over the years and tried to rejoin back in 2009. I sent them $39.00 twice to join and never received my kit. When I called customer service to find out why, I was insulted and hung up on by a woman with a Hispanic accent that I could barely understand. My daughter joined back in 2010 and I looked over the new material and it stated you had to pay $300.00 dollars to join and the prices were so inflated, I don't see how anyone could make a profit. SMC isn't what it used to be, and if I were you, I wouldn't waste my time or the money messing with them. In my opinion, they have turned into a BIG RIP OFF!!

David   AL

2:51am on February 25th, 2013 

I bought a membership to SMC in 1994 for $300 and initially a $24 a year renewal each year.

Even before the internet saturation I found that the most profitable means of my use of the SMC wholesale service was to only purchase the closeout figurines as those could be sold at 500% to 1500% profit at the flea markets on the route I sold on over the wholesale and shipping costs charged by SMC.

Of course in the 1990s the cheap figurine demand was still viable and I was able to recoup my initial investment within the first 6 months and over the next 14 years running my retail business I made about $2000 a year profit off of the SMC merchandise which was comparable to the profit I made from merchandise I purchased at local wholesale houses along my route and from other mail order wholesale services.

At the same time I used the closeout merchandise from SMC combined with my other sources and using my own business plan instead of the SMC "coaches" and earned a suitable income to supplement our family income selling at weekend flea markets, friends who bought their coaching plans lost money.

As the demand for figurines decreased and SMC membership renewal increased to $50 per year and they switched to web based catalogs and sales, I chose to trim them from my wholesale sources as it was not worth the effort to try to recoup even the $50 a year renewal and merchandise from my other mail order suppliers outperformed SMC product.

SMC is not a scam, however in my opinion it is not as viable of a wholesale merchandise source as it was in years gone by due to lack of low wholesale priced items, a weak market and their own over-saturation of the available market with resellers all using the same wish book style catalogs and cookie cutter type websites.

E   CA.

12:15pm on January 28th, 2013 

I tried SMC in the 90's and the experience was mediocre at best. You can't sell their merchandise at the price they have set for it. Most of their merchandise is cheaply made and after a while you will see these same products everywhere. Plus, their catalogs will take away any profit you were expecting to get. People will just throw the catalogs away after a week. They are dying company as far as I know. Anyone trying to get into this company now is just a fool. Luckily I didn't screwed with extra charges after I left. Sounds like they are a lot different now than the Company that started out. Too bad.

Mr King   USA

11:09pm on January 6th, 2013 

I am looking to see a real clients website before I consider working with SMC. I understand each person has a different experience in business, but to be fair, Is anyone willing to email me their recommendations, including the website SMC produced for you? Thank you kindly :)

email: distibutewealth@gmail.com
Mr. King

Earlene   Texs

10:49am on October 24th, 2012 

I started out with SMC years ago, in 1995. I never really got much into the business end of it. But I understood then as I do now that a person should start with the catalogs or swap meets first. If you don't have a lot of money in the first place, then what is the point of trying to start big. I personally would not recommend starting with a web-site. There are extra cost connected to having one and unless you can afford to keep it then start with with catalogs or swap meets.

I know that a lot of people watch these programs at night, (I used to), and get the big idea that they are going to make trillions of dollars. Believe me, most of them are just hype. This is one of the better ones, believe it or not. Besides this one I had ordered Carlton Sheets, and Russ Dalby. I have also sold Mary Kay, and Avon and I've tried other businesses.

Most of these are so time consuming, and if you make any money it will be by the grace of God. I tried mail order with SMC. I did not make any money on that one. But there instruction manual specifically said to try the simpler ones first. And they are right, because one mail order campaign can run you about a thousand dollars. Start cheap.

That way if you don't make any money, you may be disappointed but you won't have to sell your house because you did something stupid like charging $40,000 dollars worth of merchandise on your credit card. And now you are stuck with the merchandise and you can't pay your credit card company back. Be Smart. This, just like any other business has to be performed in an intelligent way. And by the way stay away from The Software Billions Club or anything else connected to Chad Timothy. He is nothing short of a fraud.

shamsie carey   Carson city Nevada

4:23pm on September 4th, 2012 

I was living in Washington and my friends were making a good living on the smc kit it was awesome to see for them.

mary busby   lake charles la.

11:40am on August 8th, 2012 

smc has always been a good deal to me


2:51pm on July 24th, 2012 

Some of the products are ok but for the most part they are very cheap and poorly made, they charge you a decent price but what they want you to sell it for you would never get, its hard to sell for that much when you yourself know its not worth it. Its also not worth the amount they want to start it for, dont waste your money.

decieved   minnesota

12:45pm on July 5th, 2012 

wow these people can make it sound like a really great opportunity. what made me mad was they said this was a free start up and no fees! sounds good right? WRONG after 1 1/2 hrs on the phone, here come the fees. oh well you dont have to pay for the website start up BUT the monthly and annual fees now come into the picture. the they want all your credit card info or checking. i keep telling them i dont have this kinda money and how do i know you wont take more than this. then they go into the each month fees and ect.... i finally i told them forget this im not going to do this.

Of course well lets see if we can make this work. uhhhgggg what part of NO did they not understand. changed my mind and dont want to do this. oh well we already took the money from the account they said. ha good luke with that cuz my bank closes at 3pm. so i call the next day and the bank said no nothing has come out from them. i then call this smc and getting a real human to talk to ... good luck. after several attempts to cancel with NO LUCK. I CALLED MY BANK AND CLOSED MY CK ACCOUNT !!!!

AND OPENED A NEW ONE AS RECOMMENDED BY MY BANK... WHAT A HASSLE. but after reading the reviews form bbb on this site i was shocked and it truly felt just like these people were saying. so i immediately get to the bank to close that acct. i hope this will save me all the headache that all these other people went through. i truly feel for them an i want to say thank you for your words it helped me put a stop to a world of hell.

Ali   Chattanooga

8:18pm on May 16th, 2012 

Not even 1/2 a star. This company is a rip-off and don't even think twice about getting involved ! Once i saw what they were about, I promptly cancelled both by email and by phone and sent their material back by confirmed Fed Ex. And now they have been hounding me with a multiple bills none with a date, and all different varying amounts. After multiple emails and phone calls, they refuse to recognize my valid cancellation and submitted my account to collections for over $500. It's a never ending run-around of denial, and never again will I do something this STUPID. Please save yourself a gigantic headache, and avoid a company as shady and unethical as this one. It isn't right and the FTC needs to do something about this !!

Lester   Haltom City, tx

1:22am on April 24th, 2012 

with SMC you have to be very careful what you intend to sell. Their products are best chosen when you end up being the genie pig and purchase them for yourself. 1st: do not try to sell anything you would not buy yourself. 2nd: do not buy the gift package bonuses, they are usually full of junk. 3rd: do not BELIEVE them when they tell you to use a website, mainly because your customers cannot purchase on it until you have initially sent them a gift card for them to use on their first purchase. Their excuse is that they are helping you build a customer base. that is hogwash and do not fall for it. You CAN make money but you have to be careful what you sell. I made a good amount of money but I had to show the catalogs and write up the orders myself then have them drop shipped to my customers. I NEVER SOLD AT THEIR SUGGESTED PRICE. If you want to sell this stuff then look in any truck stop gift shop along the highway and you will see their merchandise. I laugh every time I see it because I know what the actual purchase price was for the people buying and then selling it. Just to let you know. If it is 30 to 40 dollars then they only paid some as little as 2.00 up to 7 or 8 dollars. Do not be fooled. If it sounds too easy it IS too good to be true. Take it from me. I spent way too much time selling it and I learned very fast that it is best to just build up a customer base and slowly blend in higher quality merchandise from other vendors and phase most of theirs out. Do not get me wrong however, about 30% of their merchandise is worth the money. Your problem then is finding someone who will buy it. I am so sorry that some of you got taken. I have looked for years to find someone who would be honest with these kind of things but lets face it folks-----If you do not have the money already to invest in ANY company then you will absolutely fight an up hill battle. Limited income people are usually the ones who suffer the most.

Anonymous   Location unknown

1:09pm on April 14th, 2012 

I quit SMC 2 years ago. I just looked at a credit card bill and there was a charge on there from them. I called them and they told me that my contract was a lifetime contract, so they could charge me every year for the rest of my life. Besides trying to bankrupt you and having a bunch of worthless junk from China, they will do anything to take even more. Believe me they will not leave you alone and trust me no one in that "company" has any morals or scruples.PLEASE DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS. I AM BEGGING YOU!!!

George   utah

6:18pm on January 19th, 2012 

I have been in SMC on and off, the products in general are good, although don;t even dream in selling then at 300% MARKUP with a few exceptions. I like to buy mostly for personal use, gifts, etc, I use many for gifts to my members in my mlm business that is much easier than sell SMC products.

Products? 1-10= 7
Business opportunity? 1-10= 3
Service? 1-10= 5
Prices? 1-10= 6

Patricia   Texas

5:38am on January 18th, 2012

Smc called me yesterday 1-17 2012.I did give them my card number.while them still on the phone ,I change my mind and told them to cancel.they ask me if I was sure I told them I was every sure.They said they were sing with the BBB.I call the BBB said they had not heard of them . I went to the bank cancel that card.Do you think they will try to use it?

Sheri   Iowa

6:42pm on January 2nd, 2012 

I have been a member for quite a few years and have never had a problem with them. If you are doing this to make alot of money you are in for a big disappointment but for me I just want to make enough to pay for the cost of membership and I purchase alot of stuff for myself and for gifts.I never have a problem making my money back but like I said if you want to use this as income to survive it wont happen.

Banard   Ontario

10:48am on December 18th, 2011 

Try this at your own risk. I am so lucky I did not start with that $340 startup thing. The package seems not to arrive at all, so I just unregistered. Trust me, even if it were to arrive, the market is now flooded with those products they make you sell you won't gain much. And if you look closely, it is those people who started long back with SMC that encourage it! Bear in mind there has been plenty of changes since then.

ls   pa

11:46pm on November 29th, 2011 

I joined SMC several years ago. I started by going to church flea markets ect. Then I decided to start setting up at an indoor market by me. I did very well. I decided to build a store inside the market in one of their open spaces. I was there for several years and made great money. This is not a scam. Like any business you need to work at it and build up clients. When I read some of the statements they all seem to have the same pattern. Complaining about SMC without giving it a chance. This is not a "get rich quick plan". Most of the products are well made. The few times items were delivered to me broken I had no problem getting replacements at no cost. As far as competition, SMC isn't the only company I buy my merchandise from. So in a nut shell if you think you are going to sign up with SMC and then "poof" money will start flowing into your pocket then yes this will not work for you (nor will anything else in life except playing the lottery).

Ciera   Oklahoma City

1:03pm on November 28th, 2011 

DON'T TO THIS!!! i got this package, hoping to make a little extra cash. i ended up losing money every month and didn't even have an account there anymore. this is ridiculous and the biggest scam i have ever seen! I repeat do not do this. they will scam you dry!

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