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Ordered glasses three months ago till this day have not received the glasses, awaiting refund!
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Coastal.com is a website which calls itself “the better way to buy eyewear” and says that they are the largest online retailers of eyeglasses and contact lenses in all of North America.
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GlassesUSA.com is an online company which claims to offer the highest quality optical products – prescription glasses and sunglasses – at the most affordable prices, in the fastest amou
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
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America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses says they have been the “low price leader” in the contact and eyeglass industry for more than 30 years, and has over three hundred retail
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BestContacts.com is a website from America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses that is specially designed to help their contact lens customers find the best brand of contact lenses for their nee
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They don't answer their email and voicemails. Trashy customer service. Don't buy from them. You will be ignored just like I was. They also have eBay page where they charge $40 more for same product
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WarbyParker.com is the online home of Warby Parker, a company who says they began their business with a goal to create a boutique quality classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.&nb
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ClassicSpecs.com is the online home of Classic Specs, a company that promises their customers frames, prescription lenses, anti-reflective coating, and free shipping, all for the flat rate of $89.00.&
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Lookmatic, found online at Lookmatic.com, is an online eyewear boutique that says they offer their customers fully customized, fashion forward prescription eyewear styles starting at just $95. Acco
Night View Glasses
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Night View Glasses are a new As Seen On TV product available at BuyNightView.com which claims to help people handle sight issues that occur from glare, and can occur any time of the day, in any weathe
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PinkyParadise.com is the online home of PinkyParadise, a company that produces colored and specialty contact lenses intended not for vision correction, but to fulfill beauty and costuming needs. 
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Zenni Optical, found online at ZenniOptical.com, is a company that says they provide a wide selection of frames at affordable prices in order to best give their customers whatever glasses best complim
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Visionworks, found online at Visionworks.com, describes themselves as a leading provider of eye care and vision services throughout more than 40 different states and the District of Columbia here in t
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The ORION4Sight sunglasses are a new type of specialty sunglasses getting ready to hit the open market, which claims they are the only type of sunglasses available on the market to truly protect your
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Frameri.com is the home of Frameri, a company dedicated to helping people find high quality, well designed frames that fit both their optical needs but also fit their personal fashion and lifestyle ne
Big Vision Glasses
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Big Vision Glasses, found online at BuyBigVision.com, is a new “As Seen On TV” product which promises users the ability to quickly and easily have hands free magnified vision for any activ
HD Vision Ultras
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HD Vision Ultras, found online at BuyHDVision.com, is a new “As Seen on TV” product which promises people “top quality, high definition” eyewear for affordable prices they won&
Freyrs Sunglasses
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Freyrs Sunglasses, found online at Freyrs.com, is a Chicagoland based eyewear company which promises to provide both men and women with all the sunglass styles they could ever want.   How Does
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All4Optics, found online at All4Optics.com, is an online eyewear company that says they are committed to providing their customers with all the possible styles of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasse
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1800GetLens.com is a website that describes themselves as “a leading online supplier of prescription contact lenses,” giving people access to their brand name lenses all at affordable pric