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Coolest Cooler
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The Coolest Cooler is a new, coming soon product created through a successful Kickstarter campaign and claims to have everything you need to "bring the party with the cooler" in one place.&n
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SharkStopper.com is the online home of the SharkStopper Personal Shark Repellant device, described as currently being the world's first and only shark repellant device that uses acoustic sound and
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The Nutlock, a new product soon to be available at Nutlock.com, describes itself as "a beautifully designed bike lock that protects your bike wheels from getting stolen," a problem which aff
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Fly6, found online at Fly6.com, is a new product designed specifically for matters of bicycle safety and protection, and describes itself as the product that "watches your back" while you ar
Blaze Bike Light
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Blaze Bike Light, found online at Blaze.cc, says that they have worked hard to create a bike light that makes your presence known, alerts drivers to your approach, and protects you against the most co
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Generac, found online at Generac.com, is a company that describes themselves as the first to engineer affordable home standby generators as well as the number one manufacturer of home backup generator
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Seatylock, found online at Seatylock.com, is a new product that describes itself as the first and only saddle bicycle seat and a bike lock combined into one, for the best possible urban bike riding ex
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ZeroHour, found online at ZeroHourXD.com, is a company that says their goal is create gear, consumer electronics, and public safety products that are intended to put the user in control, and adapt to
Burnie Grill
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The Burnie Grill, found online at BurnieGrill.com, is a new all wood, self burning grill which promises to give people all the function and usefulness of a traditional grill but with more ease and con
Footjoy Hyperflex
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The Footjoy Hyperflex, found online at Footjoy.com, is a new type of golf shoe which takes the comfortable design of popular athletic shoes but adds the necessary function and support of a golf shoe.&
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BidGunner.com is a new website which gives people the ability to legally purchase firearms and outdoor sporting equipment at prices up to 90% off through their penny auction format.  How Does
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TackleGrab.com is a new monthly box subscription services that promises to deliver boxes filled with baits, tackle, and lure personalized to your preferences right to your door each month.  Ho
Mystery Tackle Box
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Mystery Tackle Box is a new subscription service that describes itself as “a fun way to discover baits” with their monthly box filled with items that are trusted by fishing professionals.
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Backcountry.com is a United States based website and retailer designed by and for people who love the outdoors which says that its goal is “to provide the best outdoor gear, and to be the best a
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The Halfbike, available at Halfbikes.com, is described as a fun, new method of transportation designed by architects who used the traditional bike as inspiration for their lighter and more convenient
Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant
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The Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant, available at Blue-Freedom.net, is described as the world’s smallest hydropower plant, designed to give people the ability to create energy anywhere in the worl
Survival Straps
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Survival Straps, found online at SurvivalStraps.com, is a company that says they make bracelets that are designed to not only be attractive but to also potentially be a tool you can use in an emergenc
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SourceOutdoor.com is a company and online retailer which specializes in the creation and manufacturing of high quality outdoor equipment sold in more than 25 countries for over 20 years.  How
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The GoBag, available at WeAreGoBag.co.uk, is a company that said their goal was to “pack small and think big” when designing their new carry on sized duffle bag which is made to carry ever
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BBQGuys.com is a website that is dedicated completely to helping people find all the information, tools, and products they need for their outdoor grilling, kitchen, and entertaining needs.  Ho