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StreamateTV.com describes itself as a video chat website that allows members to use their computers to speak with thousands of girls or guys online using chat features and live web cameras.  
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SpiritNow, found online at SpiritNow.com, is a website that describes itself as "the Internet's leading source" for information on celebrity psychics, astrology, horoscopes, dream interp
Pledge Music
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Pledge Music, found online at PledgeMusic.com, says their company provides the most creative and interactive ways for their members to be involved with the journey musicians take when releasing their
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SellaBand, found online at SellaBand.com, says their company allows new, independent musicians to fund their musical projects with investments made by their fans, so there is no need to sign a dissati
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Feastly, found online at EatFeastly.com, is a new company whose goal is to create a marketplace where passionate home cooks can connect with adventurous eaters who are looking for an authentic and soc
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EatWith, found online at EatWith.com, is a new company whose goal is to give people all over the world the ability to find a world class prepared and cooked meal set in a social, comfortable, at home
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The 3Doodler, found online at The3Doodler.com, describes itself as the world’s first 3D printing pen which allows people to bring their inspirations to real life by “drawing” them in
Footjoy Hyperflex
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The Footjoy Hyperflex, found online at Footjoy.com, is a new type of golf shoe which takes the comfortable design of popular athletic shoes but adds the necessary function and support of a golf shoe.&
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TackleGrab.com is a new monthly box subscription services that promises to deliver boxes filled with baits, tackle, and lure personalized to your preferences right to your door each month.  Ho
Mystery Tackle Box
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Mystery Tackle Box is a new subscription service that describes itself as “a fun way to discover baits” with their monthly box filled with items that are trusted by fishing professionals.
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Backcountry.com is a United States based website and retailer designed by and for people who love the outdoors which says that its goal is “to provide the best outdoor gear, and to be the best a
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PrankDial.com describes itself as “the world’s number one prank calling service” which allows people the ability to choose from a selection of humorous prank calls which you can send
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Jukely, found online at Jukely.com, is a brand new monthly subscription service which promises their customers the chance to meet and socialize with other local music fans as well as to attend unlimit
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GuideHire.com is the online home of GuideHire, a company that says their goal is to bring together professional guides with clients looking to get outside and “experience the world to the fulles
Mountain Collective
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Mountain Collective, found online at MountainCollective.com, is a new organization which is offering to give ski and snowboard enthusiasts the chance to visit many different mountains across the count
The Sportsman's Guide
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The Sportsman’s Guide, found online at SportsmansGuide.com, is a company that promises their customers “everything to outfit your passion, at the lowest prices guaranteed.” 
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FlyMotorsports.com is a company and website that promises to be “the destination for powersports enthusiasts” who need to find any of the equipment required to participate in their favorit
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ChickenPicks, found online at ChickenPicks.com, is a company that promises their customers a better quality, longer lasting guitar pick that will grow and evolve with them and their sound.  Ho
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HipCamp.com is a website and company who describes themselves as the most comprehensive database of camping sites on the internet, as well as a place where private land owners can use their land to ea
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TheLotter.com is a new website which was established in early 2002 as a place where people from all over the world can purchase lottery tickets from their favorite lotteries across state lines or in i