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Using Airbnb.com is a new way to list, find and book unique travel accommodations around the world. This site connects hosts to people who want to book a trip. They have accommodations in over 19,0
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Hotel Accommodations can be expensive, especially when you are planning a long stay or you need more than one room. A solution that could reduce the cost of your trip accommodations can be remedied
Interval International
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Interval International is a broker service for timeshare owners that began in 1976. They have a database of over 2 million members, a network of 2700 resorts, in more than 75 nations. With resorts
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Vacation Rentals By Owner, located online at VRBO.com, is a website which allows people who own second homes to rent them out to travelers who are interested in a more personalized travel experienc
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ChoiceHotels.com has overnight lodging accommodations located at over 6200 hotels in 30 countries. There are almost 500,000 rooms at hotels which include Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Econolodge as
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On the website, Booking.com, you can make hotel reservations at any of the 288,420 properties, in 41,000+ destinations, spanning across 180 countries. There is a wide selection of Bed and Breakfast
Villas of Distinction
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Villas of Distinction is a company who has been specializing in arranging luxury travel rental villas for over twenty years, promising their customers a quality product, excellent service, and grea
Diamond Resorts International
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Diamond Resorts International is a travel organization whose website says that they are one of the largest hospitality companies, with a goal of offering their customers “simplicity, choice, and
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FlipKey is a new website offered from travel giant TripAdvisor which helps travelers to not only arrange vacation rentals throughout the United States and other locations, but also to plan their tr
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Trivago.com is a website that offers consumers the largest database of hotel rooms at discounted rates. They have connections to over 160 booking sites that have rooms in over 600,000 hotels worldw
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LuxuryRetreats.com is a website and company that promises their customers the ability to rent high quality, handpicked luxury villas in more than fifty different locations all around the globe. 
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RentVillas.com is a website and company that promises their customers that their 25 years in the vacation rental industry allows them to guarantee their travelers the best possible international villa
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WIMCO, found online at WIMCO.com is a website and company that describes themselves as "the leading Caribbean luxury villa vacation specialist," though at this point they have expanded to of
Beyond Pricing
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Beyond Pricing, found online at BeyondPricing.com, is a company who says that they give people who rent their vacation homes access to the same pricing software used by hotels and the travel industry.
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Nightswapping.com is a new and innovative travel arrangements website which is based on the age old concept of bartering, and allows individuals and homeowners to travel the world without paying for a
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Everbooked is a company who says their one goal is to help “small businesses compete with the big chains” by letting independent home renters use their professional technology to get the m