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About The Tile App

TheTileApp works by locating items that have a Tile inside of, or affixed to, it. The art of multi-tasking has consumed our lives is now accompanied with the popular trend of misplacing our belongings.
TheTileApp works by Bluetooth GPS connectivity to a battery operated small square shaped waterproof tile. All tiles have a keyhole for placement on a set of keys, a double sided adhesive for items such as laptops or they can even simply be put into a purse or backpack. 
Tiles may be purchased online at Special deals are currently available for pre-orders. The pricing is as follows: 1 tile costs $18.95, 4 tiles cost $56.85, 8 tiles costs $113.70, or 12 tiles for $170.55. A shipping charge of $8 is applied to each shipment. In the future each tile will cost $25.00. 
Upon receiving the tiles you must first sync them to your Apple device. As long as you are within a 180 radius of the tile, you will then be able to view yourself moving toward the item or perhaps moving further away from it. Each tile has a built in speaker so you may also generate an audio alert if necessary.
If you are out of range, the” last place seen” feature will point you to the location of where it was last detected. Should another TileApp user be in range of your tile, it is detected through their app automatically and discreetly. The tile’s location will then appear on your map.
This function serves for lost or stolen items as well. By tagging an item as lost or stolen, other tile users, if in the vicinity of the item, will unknowingly be assisting you while trying to locate your item. Even people who do not purchase tiles, but choose to download TheTileApp, can take part in efforts to find items tagged as lost or stolen.
The low energy usage of these tiles means you never have to replace a battery. Each Tile lasts a year; at the end of the year you will be sent replacement tiles as well as an envelope to mail back your old ones for recycling. 
Currently TheTileApp is only available for individuals with Bluetooth 4.0 Apple products; these include the iPhone 4S, the iPad 3rd generation, the iPod Touch 5th generation. Online reviews submitted by Tile users show nothing but positive experiences had by all. The only complaint came from individuals who possessed an Android phone; this is because their phones are not equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connection capabilities.
Now you can finally leave the stress of losing items, and wasted time searching for your belongings, in the past; this device is a Holy Grail.
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Reviewed By ila on December 13, 2013

Charged for products never shipped. They intentionally take advantage of the credit cards 90 day limit on disputes and Amazon's 30 day limit. Good luck getting your money back. They were still trying to get $20K in start up funding this summer... NOT legit, rip off artists.

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Reviewed By Richard Niles on November 22, 2013, Ocala Florida

This can't be a legitimate review as the product hasn't shipped yet and keeps moving backwards on a release date. I bought into this and was told they would ship at the end of 2013, then early 2014 and now "Spring" of 2014..... I'm starting to have my doubts about the existence of this product actually. The deal is we bought in advance, they used the purchased monies to produce the project, and then ship later. It's a fancy Ponzi scheme without proof that anything actually exists. My repeated contacts generate an email that refers me to the website so that I can buy some more tiles, that don't exist yet...

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December 11, 2013

I recently changed service providers and thus needed an email address change on my account. I sent Tile a request to change my emai address. The response stated that they could not make any changes to an existing order and that they would email out a pre order confirmation in early spring 2014. Anyone with a brain would know that if my email address was no longer active that confirmation would never be received. This is a red flag that the tile offer may be a scam. I have my doubts too.

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