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About says they are just like a consignment shop, except they exist completely online, giving the average family the ability to buy and sell children’s clothing without ever leaving your home.

The inspiration behind ThredUP is that people looking to purchase practically new children’s clothing can shop from the comfort of their homes and still find their favorite brands at up to 80% off the retail price.

But the website does not only sell clothes to people, they also purchase clothes from families, again promising that you’ll never have to leave home. In order to sell your children’s clothing to, you have to follow a simple process.

First, order a free Clean Out bag from the website, which will be delivered to your home. You will be charged a deposit of $4.95 per bag that you order, but this deposit will be returned as soon as you ship your bag back.

Fill your bag with practically new, freshly laundered children’s clothing, size 12 months and up. Infant clothing, maternity clothing, and other adult clothing will not be accepted, though practically new children’s accessories and shoes will be.

Once your bag is filled, place it outside and it will be return shipped to ThredUP for free. The company will receive your clothing in one to two weeks, and will take 2-3 days to fully inspect them.

When your clothing has been received, you’ll get a confirmation email and shortly thereafter another email letting you know how much you have been paid for your items. Unfortunately, if you have any complaints with the amount of money you are receiving,’s policy says they do not return the items to you. Once they are received, they are kept.

To avoid problems of not being paid what you expect for your items, the website does offer an area where you can see items other people have donated and what they are paid for them, so you can best estimate what you will receive.

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