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Don't waste your time

Reviewed By Jennifer K on November 9, 2014

I am an established freelance writer as well as a fiction author with one book and numerous short stories published. While having a lot of published work doesn't necessarily mean that every single place will accept what you write, I've also not exactly had a difficult time in terms of getting work accepted.

However, when I submitted work on Triond, I received messages telling me that the writing was not of sufficient quality for them to accept and it couldn't be placed on any of the sites they work with. Wow....I guess there's a first time for everything. I wasn't offended by the rejection (that's part of writing), but I was puzzled. That prompted me to start looking at what Triond DOES consider "sufficient quality" of writing for their sites.

Bottom line: Triond isn't looking for "quality writing". You can write like a three month old baboon and still get published through Triond, provided you have written about the correct topics. They publish on "partner sites" that are basically also run by Triond and cover a specific and rather narrow range of topics, although there is the implication that you can write about anything you want.

Some of the "top writers" on Triond are clearly foreign and without a strong grasp of the English language. It isn't bad to be foreign or speak English as a second language, but if you are going to reject other writers on grounds of writing quality, you might want to make sure your very best writers know something about grammar and sentence structure first.

Getting rejected on grounds of quality, then seeing articles from "top writers" filled with barely intelligible sentences made me decide never to submit to Triond again. Why be associated with a site like that? I tried to figure out how to delete my account but haven't figured that out yet. I would suggest to any other writer to avoid Triond as well. If not a scam, they're close.

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Triond: Safe? Yes. Useful? No

Reviewed By Bryan Doull on April 13, 2014

Triond is a waste of time for the amateur writer. A very few contributors will make any money even if their writing is top quality. The main gripe to have with Triond is that it pretends it is open to everyone and every contributor has a chance to earn . That is not true. Triond is only looking for articles that it can market to other sites that specialize in some relatively narrow topic areas. If what you submit doesn’t fit into one of those niche topic areas, your submission will not be accepted. Triond is not about to admit, specifically, what those other sites are looking for at any given time because that would be admitting that the other sites that accept the submissions have the true power, not Triond. Triond is only a middle man, who survives by taking a percentage of the earnings.
Triond’s days are numbered. This is because both the websites that pay for writing, and internet savvy writers that want to get paid, are learning how to connect directly, eliminating the need for sites like Triond. The trend also allows, in most cases, for the writer to earn more money.

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Make Residual Income Online

Reviewed By Eric Pinola on October 4, 2011, Desoto, TX

Triond is a website that allows you to write about any topic in the world and then submit the article for publishing. Once your article is published (24 hours) it will start to show up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keyword or topic you wrote about!

Triond has a portfolio of websites that they control and submit new articles to based on the topics. Google and the other search engines love these sites because there are so many people entering new information on them each day! Look for any topic in the world and you can find it through Triond.

Each time a person clicks on and visits your article you will make some money. It comes out to a penny per visit or less, but with hundreds or thousands of people (or more) clicking on your articles each day; you have a decent little income. The more you write and the better you select your topics the more money you will earn each month! This income does not disappear either, it just keeps coming in like a dripping faucet each month, year after year!

To earn even more Triond shares 50% of the Google Adsense revenues each month with you. So when someone visits your article and clicks an ad, you make more money! I can say that with thousands of people clicking and visiting your articles each month the money does add up. The key is to write each day and let people know about your articles through Twitter, Facebook, and the hundreds of other sites that will promote you for free!

Triond is a great way to build a personal online business with no fees; just invest your time and talents to make the internet a more interesting place and you will see the money start to flow. As with all businesses it takes a bit to grow into a real income, but you can earn a few dollars your first month or more!

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July 14, 2012

I was looking out for such an opportunity and I found Triond. I feel i can do this and it really matters for me.

December 31, 2012

I just started writing on Triond and I have already gotten people viewing my poetry haven't made any money yet but everything takes time

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