K Money Machine Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 27th, 2015  |  Published in Website Reviews

The K Money Machine is a new work at home business that is described as simple, available to everyone, and can begin earning you a passive online income in as little as one full week.

According to their website, KMoneyMachine.com, their method of making money requires no technical computer knowledge, no large initial investment of money, and not a lot of time before you start receiving an income.

In order to get started, you can pay just $7 and receive a seven day free trail of all the information to look over for yourself, and if you decide to stay with the program, at the end of seven days you…

PayRipo.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 27th, 2015  |  Published in Website Reviews

PayRipo, found online at PayRipo.com, is a work at home opportunity which claims that with just 5 to 10 minutes of time, their members can earn hundreds of dollars each day just by completing simple, basic tasks.

This website describes itself as an “innovative” new website, where members will be given access to a jobs dashboard the minute they sign up, which will instantly show them tasks they complete for immediate compensation.

Since there is no sign up or registration fee, creating an account with this company is free, and they claim that you are “guaranteed” to earn a minimum of $1500 in the very first week you begin completing…

Experts Academy Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 25th, 2015  |  Published in Website Reviews

The Experts Academy is a new online business training program from internet entrepreneur Brendon Burchard, who claims that anyone can use his successful formula to create a successful business.

According to the website, ExpertsAcademy.com, Brendon will not only give his customers access to his own training videos and advice, but also the advice and guidance of many other online business experts.

Their website says that the promotional strategies shared in this program have helped Brendon himself earn more than four million dollars in less than two years.

How It Works

Through their videos and seminars, the Experts Academy will try to lead their customers through the creative process that will…

Excel Cash Flow Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 24th, 2015  |  Published in Affiliate Marketing

Excel Cash Flow is a new work at home program being promoted by spokeswoman Debbie Jones, who says that she has found a way to make money from home that anyone can do, with very little training.

The website says that this program will train people how to be a Search Engine Agent, which is someone who works from home posting links for major companies who use the links to sell their goods or services.

People who are interested in using this training program to learn how to be a Search Engine Agent can purchase membership for a one time fee of $97, even though the program is quoted as…

DigAdz.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 18th, 2015  |  Published in Website Reviews

DigAdz.com is a new pay-to-click and revenue sharing website that offers to compensate members in exchange for watching the chosen advertisements that are sent directly to them.

Advertisers and companies use this website to send their advertisements to DigAdz members who will watch them and not only get reach out to new potential customers but also to give them some feedback on their ads.

As the DigAdz.com member pool grows larger, and members view ads, the advertisers will be able to have access to a more targeted audience. Because of this, they pay DigAdz.com, and in turn DigAdz.com has the ability to pay their members.

How Does DigAdz.com Work?