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The $6000 A Month Club is new online, work from home earnings opportunity which is being promoted by spokeswoman Jennifer Becker, who claims to be the “#1 home job consultant in America.”

According to her, the $6000 A Month Club offers anyone a chance to make $379 a day using a “certified, proven, and guaranteed” method of affiliate marketing, which she calls link posting.

If you are interested in this work from home program, the website says that you will just need to pay a one time fee of $97 to get instant access to their “Members’ Area” and begin earning money right away.

The Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money which depends on people like you partnering with larger companies to promote their goods and services online, via methods such as posting links.

When your link successfully completes a sale for that company, they will pay you a percentage of the sale price. $6000 A Month Club states that this commission is $15 on average.

They continue to say that you can post up to 15 links per hour, for a total of $225 an hour, or $58,500 per year, just for working one hour a day, five days a week. And you do it completely independently.

The Truth

Affiliate marketing and link posting are legit independent business opportunities, meaning that there are absolutely no guarantees regarding how much money you will earn if you decide to attempt this private business.

How much money you earn will depend entirely on how much time and effort you put into your business, which is directly in contrast to what the $6000 A Month Club offers you when they say you can earn $58,500 a year with just one hour of work a day.

These sorts of sales tactics quickly get companies labeled as a “scam” when people realize this isn’t the reality.

If you do attempt this business opportunity and decide that you are unhappy with what you have received, the website claims that there is a 60 day money back guarantee offered.

Unfortunately, they give no specifics about what you will need to receive this refund other than directly you to call their Customer Service at 888-485-0491 within eight weeks of purchase.

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  • Amandalyn Kirksey says:

    November 19th, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    I am someone who has social security and is with an agency for the disable but I am no where disabled. I just don’t have a car.
    I need and want this job now and more than ever. Everybody I know and work for says that suffering like thisare just scams so inThis Article, you dont exactly answer if your real or just a scam! How and where do i find this out?

  • Rating
    vicky says:

    August 9th, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Is this true?


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