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About is the online home of Auto Loan Solutions, a website that partners with "thousands of lenders" nationwide to provide loan matching services for people who are seeking auto loans.

According to their website, Auto Loan Solutions has been helping consumers find automotive financing since 1998, and have since helped more than 1,000,000 consumers find the right car and the right car loan.

Since they have partnered with thousands of the best car loan providers throughout the country, they say that they are equipped to find their users the best finance partners for them, regardless of the type of car they are looking to buy and the type of credit they have. says that they work with lenders who understand that just because you have bad credit does not mean that you are a bad person - sometimes good people have encountered bad circumstances but still deserve a car loan.

Borrowers with moderate credit rates may be able to negotiate car loan rates to get a better and more favorable interest rates, especially if you have a cosigner or the ability to pay a down payment.

But if their customers do have bad credit, or no credit, they do want them to know that there may be different circumstances for their loans that they should be aware of up front, like higher interest rates or stricter regulations.

Some lenders may not want to work with customers if they have recently gone bankrupt or have had a previous repossession, but other lenders may still be willing to provide you with a loan so it is worth it to complete their free application.

People who use car loan matching services should also know that they are never obligated to accept any loan if they are not comfortable with the terms they have been given. Once you do accept a loan offer, you will legally required to follow the terms of that loan, so make sure you feel comfortable.

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