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About Cara Biotics is the online home of Cara Biotics, a company that has designed a way to provide people with a personalized, custom probiotics formula designed just for their needs.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of Cara Biotics worked with medical doctors, leading scientists, and patients to develop the first line of probiotics which can be personalized the customer’s symptoms and lifestyle.

When this company began, it was simply to help people suffering from food intolerance, IBS, GERD or IBD find a way to get more support from the current medical system by using digital technology. 

The result was the Cara App, which they describe as “an elegant food and symptom diary,” and is designed to solve two different problems: providing an easy to keep track of nutrition, lifestyle, and symptoms, and to help provide you with insights into the potential causes of the symptoms.

Once the Cara App has managed an initial assessment about your symptoms and general health, they will recommend the Cara Biotics Starter Kit which should work best for you. Once you’ve begun your regimen, the Cara App will use its algorithms to keep track of how your symptoms are evolving, and they will adjust the probiotic formula as you go forward.

Mobile Options

This company currently offers their mobile application for iOS devices, and they will notify customers who sign up for their email list when they are ready to launch their app for Android devices.

Cost/Price Plans

Cara Biotics provides their mobile application free to download and use, and their website offers a variety of purchase options. Customers who would like to begin with a Single Pack, one-time purchase, will be able to complete the initial consultation and receive a one-month supply of their own custom formula for $34.

Customers are also welcome to sign up for their Flexible Plan, which allows them to pause or cancel their subscription at any time, and they will receive 60 capsules each month for $29. Finally, they offer their Six Month Plan, which they consider their best value, and which provides customers with 60 capsules for $24.

Refund Policy

This website does provide their customers with the ability to request a refund, but they do not provide a very detailed explanation of how the process works for customers. They simply say that, in the case you do not like your Cara Biotics, you can write their Customer Service team an email and they will tell you how to return your Cara Biotics and they will provide you with a refund “without asking any questions.”

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by using their website’s Live Chat feature when it is available.


Unfortunately this service appears to be so new that there are not many reviews of it at this time, however the reality is that most general probiotics which are purchased from the local drugstore are often priced around $30 for a monthly supply, so this company is not charging their customers a significant upcharge for their service. And since they promise their first time customers a “no questions asked” refund, it seems that people who are interested in this service should feel comfortable giving it a try for themselves.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As most people suffering from digestive problems know, there is almost no end to the number of probiotics which promise to stop your suffering. It does seem that at this time, Cara Biotics is the only company that is using a mobile application to provide their customers with a custom probiotic regimen, however. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Cara Biotics reviews below.

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