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About CareerBliss

CareerBliss, found on, is a job search engine that not only helps people find open job listings in their residential area but also helps people find information about the jobs and companies they are considering applying to. 

How Does It Work?

Like most other online job search engines, you can go straight to their website and submit the title of the job or the field you are interested in seeing job openings for, as well as the zip code of the area you are searching. 

If you are interested in more than just open job listings, CareerBliss also posts a wide variety of articles about interviewing, job searches, the happiest and unhappiest career fields, and much more. 

Finally, CareerBliss also gives current and former employees of companies the ability to post their own personal experiences of working with that company so you know what to expect from working conditions within that company. 

Cost/Price Plans

Similar to other job search websites, CareerBliss does not charge any fees or subscription charges to their users who are looking for jobs. Instead their revenue is generated by advertisements and by allowing companies to pay to feature job listings.  

Refund Policy

Since CareerBliss does not require any fees or charges to use their site, they do not have a need of a Refund Policy or a Guarantee Policy.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Unfortunately FreezeCrowd does not supply the general public with their contact information. Users of their social media who already have established accounts likely have a way to submit a ticket or complaint through their account, but this ability isn't open to everyone. 


Online job search engines are actually a very controversial market to be a part of, because many of these search engines don't actually help you find open job listings, but rather they take your information and provide it to marketers and advertisers. CareerBliss has not been accused of doing this, and seems to have a positive reputation for the additional articles and information they provide job seekers. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other job search engines online for people looking for open job listings, including,,, SnagAJob, and more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your CareerBliss reviews below.

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Career Bliss is Spam in Disguise

Reviewed By Duncan on February 13, 2018

I had a very difficult time getting off their multi-domain SPAM list. They operate several sub domains like,, all which send you job alerts multiple times a day, very shady, you remove your list from one domain via unsubscribe link you continue to get more from other domains. I had to direct tweet the founder of the company and post several messages on facebook threatening legal action should they continue to send me spam. Don't go here!

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