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About CDI College

CDI College is system of institutions located throughout the provinces of Canada, which claim to be educational and professional training facilities that prepare people for a future in the workplace.

CDI College is a for-profit university, which is a type of post-secondary learning institution that has been multiplying over the last few years. According to CDI College’s website, recent press releases promoting their school, and Wikipedia page, they offer a wide variety of diploma programs and have over twenty different locations that prospective students may attend.

When choosing an institution of higher learning, one of the important things you should look for is “accreditation,” the process by which a third party evaluates the educational program and makes sure that it meets pre-determined standards. In both the United States and Canada, this third party must be approved by the government's Educational Department.

Being a Canadian school, in order for CDI College to have accreditation, they must adhere to specific guidelines set out by each individual province where their campuses are located.

Unfortunately, as the attendance rates of for-profit universities have risen there have been reports  that some for-profit colleges and universities have mislead their prospective students into believing they are fully accredited.

The reality then turns out to be that only some of their diploma programs meet standards for accreditation while others do not, or sometimes the schools claim accreditation from a third party which is not sanctioned by the country's Educational Department.

Thankfully, it is possible to conduct your own research to determine whether or not a collegiate program is considered accredited. By going to the website of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, you can choose the province in which you are planning to attend school, and from there discover which schools and programs are accredited, and which are not.

Since many companies will not acknowledge or accept your degree or training certificate from an unaccredited program, making sure that you are attending an accredited program is necessary to protect the time, money, and effort that you invest into obtaining a college diploma.

If you have any experience with this school or their programs, please leave your CDI College reviews below.

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CDI College is a Fraud

October30, 2012

CDI College is a fraud, a scam, and a total joke. The diplomas obtained there are worthless, and are not recognized by any employer. Any money spent at CDI college is totally wasted. Avoid the fraud known as CDI College at all cost.

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Research, research, research.
March 04, 2013

I think people should do their research first.

Before I started my program, I made sure to talk to a few employers to see if they actually hired from the school. They do.

I'm doing their program in BC in dental assisting and everything here is as I expected it to be. The teachers here know what they are doing. I spent the time and reseach to make sure which school was best for me.

April 05, 2013

wrote by a CDI employee HA!

not half bad
May 14, 2013

Fake or not, the first part isn't a bad suggestion though. If you really want to know, call and ask

Shill Alert
August 08, 2013

CDI is trying to plant fake positive reviews because of their terrible reputation. Avoid.

August 24, 2013

I totally agree as they tell you tutors are there to help you. The tutors are students who have done well and try to help you out. Get some professional tutors in that crappy college who know what to do. These other students are not always available and continue on to somethingelse, while your left struggling.
My instructor told me if I don't understand something YouTube it. Pretty useless
instructor if you ask me.

John Smith
September 19, 2013

CDI is a scam! They fire good instructors and keep the ones who just keep their mouths shut!!!!!

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CDI College is a Big Scam

July11, 2012

CDI College SCAM -

I need your Big Help. Please advice , what are my options.

My wife got admission in CDI college a month ago, she is immigrant and was excited to get admission in CDI College, after getting rejected to get admmision from university for not having pre requisite, , CDI did all the paperwork and got her loan approved for $18000, same course in university cost only $8000.

Anyway, they made her sign alot of documents which she signed without reading, in which one page say, if she withdrawn or terminated, while 1 to 10% of course, she pay 25 % of fee which is $6000, if she complete 10% to 50% of course, she pay 60% which is about $12000, and over 50% completion u pay full $18000, So after a month she came home and told me that CDI ask her to leave because she failed twice and there was a claw that if you fail twice, you cannot continue the program.

She is 2 day more than 10% so she is at 10.2 % so she comes in 60% category and have to pay $12000 to the govt as govt student loan already paid the CDI. I MEAN WOW.

So now we are in debt of $12000 of govt student for going to CDI for 30 days...and not getting any diploma or any good education.

1 teacher was teching all the courses..She had 5 exams and 15 quizzes in a month in which she failed 2, and they kicked her out and kept all the money and now we have to pay $12000 to govt student loan.

Please advice what i can do in this situation.

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November 07, 2012

I'd consult a lawyer and see if anything can be done to get the money back.

why is this a scam?
March 04, 2013

I am failing to understand how this is a scam in your situation.

In this case, it just seemed as though your wife didn't do very well in her courses. Failure to pass your courses in any college or university will result in that person getting kicked out.

I understand your frustrations though, I just don't think it was a scam but more of a failure to understand the terms in which she signed for. Perhaps for the future, she should bring back the contract for someone in the family to read first before signing.

March 04, 2013

i say go to a poverty law office and also take this to the immigrational office, someone should know how to help you or at least advise you. CDI is a scam in all factors. They dont have qualified teachers and take advantage of the young people,who are trying to make something of themselves!!! Shame on them:( and the government for letting them continue to take advantage of our young!!! They should be closed, and the administration fined and restricted from any educational institute!

L tatti
August 26, 2013

A good school is norquest college

John Smith
September 19, 2013

Contact the Ministry of Training. Colleges & Universities. Put in a complaint in OSAP, and contact your local M.P.P....

Change will come only when enough people complain about these so-called colleges. Most private career colleges are not worth anything and their diplomas are not respected by anyone who knows anything!

March 03, 2016

i agree with you John Smith

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Ugh, terrible.

June19, 2012

I scheduled an interview with CDI but after reading reviews online decided not to go. I called them to cancel and they kept calling me every few days until I threatened to call the police and finally stopped. :/

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October 23, 2012

I had a appt set up as well then starting searching it an I have found nothing good about this school I emailed them and said they are a scam and I won't pay or go and meet them for crap schooling an she said I was all wrong about it you know trying to get me into it that was yesterday and I have not recieved another call yet will see what happens though thanks for posting :)

March 06, 2013

I did request some info on one of their program...BIG mistake!!! They've been calling me evry second day..I should have check their reputation beforehand. Thank you evryone who took the time to post comments...Because of your comments, I will stay away from CDI..

August 24, 2013

Good thing as the teacher in CDI College in Calgary tells you to YouTube something if you don't understand your subject. Your there for what? I would like to get paid for saying that at my own job!

October 02, 2013

Lol . Today i did the assessment test and scheduled or another
appointment tommorow but after reading this i feel like i should
Run away from that place asap!!!
the 15 mark assessment paper had written answer on it from previous student
LOL. I noticed there was something terribly wrong from that point.
Not to mention that the councellors felt like they were snake oil sales man

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April24, 2012

What a scam... not only do they try to lure you in under false pretense (NO JOB FOR YOU AFTER GRADUATION) but all they want to do is take your money. During an interview, they don’t give you a tour of their campus, you sit in a small 4x4 office, pressured to sign a paper burdening you to a debt of 41,000$ dollars or more. Most of the of the conversation revolved around financial support i.e. can you get a loan, how much of a loan can YOU get, if you don’t get a full loan how much will it cost you per month.

Several red flags came up: I was applying for networking course, a subject I was already somewhat knowledgeable about, I asked the "councilor" (MORE LIKE A SALES REP) some questions, she seemed lost and confused and kept coming back to the financial situation. Her answers didn’t quite make sense and seemed very vague, as if only giving the minimal amount of information. After a while of picking at her brain, for my entertainment purposes of course LOL, I told her I needed to think about it.

To my astonishment, she called me over 20 times in the next few days. She EVEN called my emergency contact number (my parents) to see if I was with them. Not only did she rape call me, but she EVEN texted me from a different area code number. Oh yeah, and she also called me private caller a couple of times!

WTF! Harassment?? Are they that desperate for people to attend their "fake" school and draw them into their vicious fraudulent cycle? Hmmmmmm, if I were you I would think twice about even applying...

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June 13, 2013

I found CDI college very pushy, when asking for information they asked me to meet with an adviser to talk about all my options. When I arrived they had already set me up to do assessments and talk to a financial adviser when I was clear that I only wanted information. They told me I would have to probably quit my job if I wanted to take their course or cut back substantially(which no one can do for a year). The reason they do not tell you quotes over the phone is because one course is close to 20,000! They were shocked when I told them I couldn't quit my job for a year. After leaving and saying I had to think about it, they phoned me everyday! Terrible experience would not recommend them.

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