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Lexington Laws CG direct Profinity work from home scam

Reviewed By Ms none of your business on May 28, 2013, SLC, UT

This company is a joke it says its not a sales job with qualiity interested people. I was calling people that got pop ups to fill out info for a free credit score and when they got to the end it asks for credit card info to be billed and then those calls were sent the me phone agents who in turn were suppose to try and get those people to want to pay a fortune to improve there credit when they just wanted a free score. The job for CG Direct says no sales this quote comes from there ad- we simply connect people with our clients.this is not sales - lies, lies, lies, and its suppose to be 18 cents a minute but thats only talk time so another scam the xlite you have to download does not pay you for all the no answeres, bad numbers, not homes, ect so if you work 20 hours you got paid for half just talk time and I couldn't figure out why my pay was so low. Profinity everywhere is a scam when you put in search now I know why! and now there hiring crews of people to scam more people and to barely pay its 10 99 . The own team leads don't know what there doing and contradict each other my team lead told me even the main boss told me I was doing great and then I get terminated after I had just got a sale. My coach said if I was in trouble with my stats they would let me know. And when you get a sale Lexington Law gets all the money you as a agent nothing when you are the one that make it possible so Lexington Law a greedy company can pay outbounds agents 130 bucks a week when they make 1200 bucks of you on one sale atleast maybe more. There director of CG Direct is a really cold cowardly lieing person he just waits and trains suckers to make Lexinton Law a killing and these are people that are barely surviving to all you agents with CG Direct you maybe should realize the truth I know that is why I am gone. I know people that didn't get a sale and are still there. This is a scam and just a way to make a company Lexington Law some more money by having cg direct agents do all the work for them that are probably not even paralegals and I doubt if the transfers I did were to paralegas. Lexington Law you should be ashamed at the way you managers at CG Direct are training and supervising a job that clearly states this is not a sales job this is not sales - we simply connect people with our clients.) You should read the ads on and being drawn from a hat for a sale for your company is a joke for a gift certificate you should automatically get part of that sale.

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