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If you love online shopping, you've got plenty wonderful options to choose from - like Chellysun. Chellysun is an online store with designs from upcoming aspiring designers from a variety of different designs who picks out styles for lots of different possible looks. They focus on products which are the most up-to-date, recent, innovative clothing and apparel in the fashion industry.


Chellysun’s catalogue is more focused on women’s wear and apparel. However, they do have some men’s selections as well. They have a variety of types of clothings for you to choose from such as tops and bottoms for all sorts of occasions, dresses and coats, a selection of footwear, such as heels or sandals, and even swimsuits.

They also have a variety of accessories for you to choose from such as sun glasses, bags and scarves. Chellysun wants to cater to people of all different shapes and sizes, so their clothing also comes in plus-sized outfits to suit anyone's specific needs.

And for the male shoppers, Chellysun hasn’t forgotten all about you. Chellysun is more focused on tops for the men, such as shirts, sweaters and print t-shirts for a casual day to hang out with friends.

Cost and Price Plans

Prices for products at Chellysun are considerably affordable for the styles of clothing that they sell. Depending on the types of materials they use the products, they price does tend to fluctuate a bit, however they tend to stay in reasonable pricings for their trendy products and styles.

Chellysun also has multiple discounts and offers which you can choose from to suit your purchases. They have discount codes based on a minimum purchase requirement and more money gets taken off your final amount with the more products you purchase.

They also have certain promotions for free shipping. You can get free shipping when you purchase more than the minimum required amount.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The downside to online stores is that you aren’t at the shop physically so you don’t get to make a quick purchase and take it home with you. Buying at Chellysun seems to be like trying out vegemite - either you love it or you hate it.

The major complaint that Chellysun seems to receive is that their shipping takes a lot longer than most people would expect it to take. It seems that they do not state specifically when the products will arrive, and do not have a specific guarantee as to when the products should arrive. However, they do supply information on tracking their orders on their website if it seems to help the situation at all.

On the other hand, if you manage to get yourself on the flip side of the coin, as some patrons have, they absolutely love the products which they’ve bought. Swimwear, shoes, blouses - you name it.

People give them plenty compliments and they wear it proudly, and there aren’t any complaints on ugly designs so it should be pretty fashionable from the customer’s viewpoint.

So the question “Is it legit?” and “Is it reliable?” really depends on your own experience of buying with them. Some patrons say that they’ve recently upgraded on customer service while others say that they remain unresponsive. Whatever the case may be, the styles still seem to be a strong selling point for Chellysun.

Competitors and Alternatives

A major competitor of Chellysun is the established and well-known ‘Topshop’. Selling trendy and hip styles mainly focused on the younger female generation, the types of products that Chellysun and Topshop sell are of the same category. Price wise, they are also similar. However, Topshop does have many physical stores in several countries as well as selling their products online.

Another competitor of Chellysun is, another online store which also targets the younger teenage and adolescent female population. They too have options for all different kinds of products and clothing, but they do seem to be more focused on casual and beach-wear.

However, Revolve also seems to have some trouble when it comes to actually selling products. There have been some complaints about bad customer service and the unwillingness to refund for returned products which pretty much calls it even on Chellysun.

An alternative for women is Macy’s. Macy’s is a larger chain which has an extensive selection for both men and women and has a number of things to buy from when it comes to things other than clothes as well.

However, if you want compliments for being ahead of the game in fashion, Macy’s might not be the best place to start. But if you are looking for something more for the office then Macy’s is a good alternative.

Where To Buy

You can obtain Chellysun products at their website as they are an online store at Upon reaching their homepage you will get a view of the different range of products that they sell, the different sales that they are currently having, and different links to look at specific categories of items which you are interested in purchasing.

All purchases are done online, so you won’t be able to pay in cash. However, it does mean that they save you the extra time and energy for you to go and look in a physical shop where now you can just shop from home.


Chellysun is the online store to go to if you want the latest fashion trends and compliments on how stylish you look. How reliable it is really is depends on your luck, but it is a genuine store that isn’t a scam. It’s online anyway, so you might as well just click open a few tabs and see if there's anything you're interested in. Chances are you’ll get a sale on it if you’re lucky!

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