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City Lips, found online at, is a lip treatment which promises that the average woman can not only create fuller lips instantly, but also use this treatment to create a longer lasting effect.

According to their website, a small scale study performed on 15 women ages 17-40 of products intended to fill out lips without injected fillers showed that City Lips had visible plumping results after 10 minutes and long term results after 30 days of continued use.

Their patented active ingredient, Celadrin, is described as being able to safely and painlessly stimulate your own natural collagen production, as well as reduce the breakdown of your newly formed collagen.

City Lips stresses that their product is a lip treatment and not a lip plumper. Plumpers are extremely popular and are currently being sold by a wide variety of companies in cosmetics shops and drugstores.

Plumpers, however, use irritants in their products that create a temporary plumping effect. Some people with certain sensitivities can have really bad reactions to these irritants. City Lips, on the other hand, uses their patented ingredients in their advanced formula to achieve an effect that will last over time.

You can apply City Lips to get an instant plumping effect of up to 3 millimeters in just minutes, and then apply your regular lipstick or lip gloss. For long term effects, though, you can apply the product each night before bed, even if you are pregnant or nursing.

Customers who are interested in trying this product can order City Lips from their website and try it risk free for 30 days. If you are not completely happy with your results, you can contact them for a full refund, no questions asked. says that they are not afraid to offer this kind of refund policy because they have a long history of happy customers, as well as a legacy of coming out on top in product comparison studies, like the one conducted by Good Housekeeping where City Lips was chosen as the best lip plumping product.

If you have any personal experience with this product, please leave your City Lips reviews below.

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1 Review

My lips are thinner

March13, 2018

I got my city lips and since I've started using it, I swear my lips are getting thinner and I'm getting "smokers" wrinkles. This is not plumping, it is drying out and thinning. Don't waste your money!

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1 Review

Scamm, hands down

April27, 2017

I gave this the best possible shot. Bought 5 on amazon. 2 clear to wear at home and 3 different shades for outings. I was testing based on their "30-day" pics when I never believed but was wishful if it did half of what was claimed Id be ok about it.

Well, for 45 days I wore Citylips almost 24/7 (last application before bed and starting to reapply from the moment I washed my teeth...and NOTHING. It doesn't even have that tingling it had when I tried them like 3-4 yrs ago.

This is a scam product hands down.

I was also surprised that they don't even maker the top-10 chart as for lip plumpers and they claim to be No1. Oh why oh why are people still allowed to falsely advertise and scam you online.

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March 13, 2018

I wish I would have read this before buying.

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Haven't needed filler injections since I began using City Lips

August11, 2014

I have had an indentation on my lower lip for years. I was getting a filler injection a few times a year to plump up the area. Anyone who has gotten these knows its difficult to make lips appear symmetrical and often several spots need injections which would then cause my lips to look too "done". I always knew it was time to get filler because I would start biting on that spot on my lip. I started using City Lips several months ago and that spot has not returned! My lips look much younger and healthier. I was very pleasantly surprised. People who aren't happy with this product may just have unrealistic expectations. It won't change the shape of your lips, just plump them up and minimize lines. An added benefit is it does a great job protecting lips from extreme weather, and stays on for hours. I actually put it on my kids when we went snow skiing and the only one who got chapped lips was the one who wiped it off!

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March 29, 2017

I m above 40. And have nice full lips. But as I aged they get more wrinnkled and such. I both this product, and it is two month and IS NOT WORKING.. SO EXPENCIVE . Im so disapointed.

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1 Review


July16, 2014

All of the positive reviews for City Lips are by people who were either paid to say it's good or they were sent the plumper for free in return for a good review. Seriously, just. YouTube "City lips review" and look at how insanely fake and phony the girls are who are reviewing it. It's laughable!

Big scam!

I have tried this gloss myself and it does nothing.

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