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Computer problems are inevitable and can occur when you least expect it. Because we heavily rely on the files in our computer, whether business or personal, it is important that they are backed up on a regular basis. CrashPlan solution programs, developed by Code 42 software, were developed to store your data easily and safely.

There are a variety of computer backup solution plans offered through CrashPlan for home, business and enterprise. With free trial offers you can test out the program to see if it is right for you. CrashPlan make it easy to backup your computer with an automatic backup feature so you are always protected with the most current content on your computer.

In addition, all of the files are encrypted prior to leaving your computer to ensure the information is protected and safely transmitted to its onsite or offsite backup storage location.

A free version of CrashPlan backs up your computer and external hard drives onsite once a day. This version is limited in functionality and does not provide online backup capability. Computers can only be scheduled to backup to other computers or backup onto its own platform.

CrashPlan+ is a remote backup storage plan for home use as well. This plan offers remote backup ranging from 10 GB to an unlimited amount of storage. The added benefit of CrashPlan+ is the availability of backup to their online storage center called CrashPlan Central.

CrashPlan PRO is a backup solution for businesses supporting up to 200 computers. This plan encompasses a number of features including continuous backup, verification of backups, and archived status alerts and reports.

CrashPlan PROe is typically used by large business enterprises which can backup a maximum of 10,000 computers. These backups are stored in a private cloud data center. With the enterprise program you can access files, monitor files and restore files from anywhere at any time.

Each CrashPlan software program ranges in price depending on the storage and the number of computers it is supporting. For CrashPlan+, including 10 GB of storage for one home use computer, it costs $1.50/month; unlimited storage costs $3.00/month. For unlimited backup on 2-10 home computers it costs $6.00/month.

CrashPlan Pro has a number of plans for businesses and enterprises. Unlimited backup costs $7.49/month per computer for up to 200 computers. These prices are comparable to the CrashPlan PROe which supports up to 10,000 computers.

There are a number of online backup software programs; it is merely a personal preference on the one you decide to use. Research all of your options and pick the plan that works best for you.

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Inefficient and unreliable

October28, 2013

This is a quick review of Crashplan from someone using it for what it SHOULD have been made for - RESTORING FILES. I am NOT an online user, although I can't imagine it's any fun dealing directly with these people after dealing with just the program. I'm currently waiting on this shitty program to "synchronizing block information" which apparently takes 45-60 minutes, after it just finished 30 minutes of "synchronizing archive" before that. I have no idea if it will be done after this or if there will be yet another idiotic vaguely labeled process it needs to do. Last time I ran it it was "verifying" not "synchronizing," but the effect is exactly the same - waste a couple hours of your day when you need to be fixing your computer.

All I'm doing is trying to "attach" the files (crashplan backup files) I have on a LOCAL HARD DRIVE into crashplan so I can then restore those files.

And I have to wait hours to even LOAD the files. Seriously. Is that what you want from your backup program? To sit and load this crap? Any other backup program will just OPEN the damn files! INSTANTLY! There is no reason for it to take so long, other than this program sucks.

On top of that, this is the second time I'm having to do this because the first time the program CRASHED because the HD it was reading from went to sleep (my fault, the new install had default power settings, although I wouldn't have had to do a complete NEW install if I had chosen a BETTER program to backup with in the FIRST PLACE!). It says that the program can resume once the HD is reconnected on their website, that's just another bullshit line - when you need it to work as they describe, this software will fail you, HARD.

So there's a quick review from someone stuck using this crap - my advice is FIND SOME OTHER SOLUTION BECAUSE THIS IS TRASH.

And to Crashplan: Fix your retarded program. You're sure good about making those stupid ads on the side work perfectly while the rest of your shitty software lags up a storm just trying to "open" files. Fire the idiots programming this or the managers and hire someone with a clue.

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Online backup in case of fire, earthquake or theft.

August13, 2012

After looking into many online backup services, including Carbonite, MyOtherDrive and reading the mixed reviews, I found a backup service that works for me. Keep in mind I am very technical but I wrote it to where average people can understand.

-Unlimited backup on family backup tier (up to ten computers)
-Reliable software (no showstopping bugs)
-Ability to give a code to a friend or family member to backup their files
-Backup sets (I'll get more into this later)

-No browser backup or recovery. (like other online backup services, which means you have to install the software even if you just backup a GB of data.)
-No option to select backup source as an external drive (so the software doesn't show it up as "missing")

When they said unlimited, I was skeptical, because most say in the fine print you cant exceed a certain amount. But it truly is unlimited with the family plan which allows up to ten computers which I'm subscribed to.

Backup sets are a feature so you can have categorize files based on type, event, or drive. You can Prioritize them, and even have individual settings. You can have as many as you want.

Now when you want your data recovered, You can download your backup set (or so I believe) to your computer, external HDD, or a friends computer. Hopefully I don't need that anytime soon. There is an option for mailing a drive out to you for your initial backup, then sending it back to have it copied directly to their servers, to avoid the long time it takes to backup on a slow internet connection.

For those complaining about the slow upload speed open your CrashPlan software and go to settings then the network tab. Click on limit sending rate when present or away then change the upload speed to your liking. If you want no sending cap choose the option None.

This backup service has many features for those who want to get technical. 448-Bit Encryption backup, Selecting frequency for backing up files, putting a password on the software so you can keep your settings safe, and you can view a complete log of your backup history in the history tab.

Overall, I like CrashPlan for its features, backup sets, and speed of backing up, it doesn't bog down your PC to the point where it feels like a slideshow, and having truly unlimited backup for my hundreds of GBs of HD video, and pictures from my cameras. It sure relieves anxiety and paranoia when my data is where it won't get destroyed by a local disaster, or a break in.

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