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Approach with caution

April27, 2015

I'm working on a new website, and one of the things I wanted to do was get feedback on what works and what needs changing.

I signed up for Criticue, and did some reviews of sites (I tried to offer useful feedback, even if it was negative) and at first, the reviews I got in exchange were relatively useful.

My last experience on the site, however, was with a 'reviewer' who seemed not to want to offer constructive feedback, but rather to be as insulting and obnoxious as possible, without offering anything of any value.

When I then tried to delete my account, I discovered that that was not an option on the site.

The fact that these so called moderated reviews include something that is basically internet trolling by some anonymous person who doesn't actually offer anything useful leads me to wonder just how moderated they really are.

If you want constructive criticism, rather than abuse, I'd recommend you go elsewhere.

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December 17, 2017

My experience is similar. That maybe half the people at Criticue, don't try to help others. They post useless one-liners. Sometimes I'm thinking they copy-paste the same "Looks great nice design" style one-liner to everyone.

Because of this, I actually built another feedback exchange place, where one gets back as much feedback as one gives to others — counted in characters. And, later when there's more traffic, everyone's first few posts will be checked by a human, and auto-compared with other posts, to detect cheating like copy-paste.

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