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About Drainstix

Cleaning a clogged drain is disgusting, time-consuming and sometimes incredibly expensive. The makers of Drainstix realized this and decided that there had to be a better way to not only clean drains, but prevent them from potentially clogging in the future. All you need to do is drop a stick into your drain and let the product do the rest and work its cleaning magic.


The drain cleaner sticks can be purchased in whatever quantity you may desire. If you are purchasing for the first time and you’d rather go a little smaller to start out, you have the option to only purchase one pack. If you’ve realized you love the Drainstix and want to buy as much as possible, you can buy the largest amount of packs available, which are five packs.

These sticks are six inches long and can easily fit down the drain. Even though the use of this product is fairly simple, the package these drain sticks come in clearly lists instructions for how to apply the sticks as well as how often they should be used and when they should be changed. Many have seen the best results by applying and replacing a stick once every month for top quality cleaning power.

How Does It Work?

So, what exactly are Drainstix and what are drain sticks made of? They are a highly effective and efficient drain cleaner that works to not only clean your drain but deodorizes it as well. It fights to remove and prevent any possible clogs with the use of strong enzymes that effectively defeat oil, grease, mildew, and food particles that can be found terrorizing the inside of your drain.

Drainstix are also beneficial because they refrain from the use of toxic or harmful chemicals. By applying one new, clean stick every month, you will experience nothing but clean drains all year long.

Cost and Price Plans

The current, but very temporary cost for Drainstix is half off when purchasing a package. You can buy one package containing several sticks for $12.95, two packs for $24.60, three packs for $34.96, four packs for $44.03, and five packs for $51.80.

If you buy any of these today, you can also receive an additional discount. The percentage of this discount varies depending on how many packs you decide to purchase.

Customer Service

With a 100% return guarantee, they do allow you to return items for a refund if you feel the performance of this item may be unsatisfactory. Make sure to return this product within 90 days of your initial purchase to ensure you receive your refund.

You will be able to receive your money in full if you find anything wrong with your Drainstix. Returns can be sent to 10450 N Airport Rd Hayden, Idaho 83835. If you have basic questions or need more info regarding payment, quality of Drainstix, etc. you can email them [email protected] or call (844) 738-5896 for any help needed. Their customer service info is also listed on their contact page and is easy to find.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The features sound really beneficial and useful, but when actually put in action, do they work or are they just a scam? A large amount of people have confirmed that yes, Drainstix do work and provide long-lasting and effective results.

Some even noticed these sticks work effectively in single and double sinks. Many have also complimented this product on its success in prevented and killing any smell caused by buildup deep inside the drain as well.

Many people are also pleased with this product and think it is way more useful and simpler than Drain-O ever was for them. They also applaud the lack of chemicals used in Drainstix. People are ecstatic when they realize they won’t have to waste money on the use of a plumber any longer.

Competitors and Alternatives

A very similar product that many people compare this product to is Sani Sticks. When debating Drainstix vs. Sani Sticks, there are a lot of similarities, such as dropping one stick into the drain and then letting it clean and unclog the drain without any further assistance.

Unfortunately, Sani Sticks didn’t leave as many people satisfied as Drainstix. This product seemed to clog the drain rather than prevent the clogs and did not result in effectively cleaning drains.

Another similar product is Drain Cleaning Sticks. These sticks also operate in a similar way that Drainstix work, the only large differentiator is the price of each. They are currently selling two packs of these sticks for $19.99, which is fairly cheaper than the price of two packs of Drainstix.

Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks also work in a very similar way by using one stick a month to clean and fight drain clogging. A fairly significant difference, however, is the non-toxic ingredients included in these drain cleaning sticks.

Even though Drainstix also consists of non-toxic chemicals, Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks can more effectively prove this, as their cleaning product is officially approved by the Vegan Society. This not only helps unclog your drains but also helps save aquatic life.

Where to Buy?

Even though Lowe’s and Home Depot both provide many useful products that can help effectively rid drains of unwanted dirt or clogging particles, Drainstix, unfortunately, isn’t available in these stores, or stores similar to these two. The only place this product can be found and ordered from is the original product’s website.


A clogged drain is something nobody has the time and energy for. In order to prevent this, it’s best to find the most effective and worthwhile solution out there to ensure a cleaner and low-maintenance drain. By using Drainstix, you can be one step closer to a well taken care of sink, so you can avoid unnecessary and expensive visits from your plumber.

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Wrong phone number for Drainstix customer service

March12, 2019

The number on this website, (844) 738-5896, is wrong. The number that I got on another site, and seems to work, is 844-738-5986. The email seems to be correct.

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1 Review


January7, 2019

I never received my order!!! Ordered Nov. 28th 2018 and your phone number is disconnected!!!! WTF!!! Someone better call me asap!!!

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March 12, 2019

I tried their number also. It says "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again." Just tried their email which is the following [email protected] We will see what they say about my question.

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DrainStix Do NOT Dissolve

December17, 2018

DrainStix do not dissolve, but leave behind a rubbery expanded stick which helps to clog the drain. The company indicates that the product gets rid of clogs and completely cleans the drains. If that were actually true, stop and think about how long it takes for brand new drains to clog up, and then think about their recommendation that you keep putting these in every month. Personally, it took nearly 15 years for the drains to need some attention in my new house. Many users of this product have had severe clogs and pulled out a number of these expanded rubbery stick aiding the clog, and relieving their pocket book of cash.

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January 09, 2019

I tried the toll free number and it is out service I will try the e-mail address.

March 12, 2019

I tried their number also. It says "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again."

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