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Fremont College describes themselves as a unique and innovative learning experience that is working hard to provide their students with an environment where they learn “better and faster” than at a traditional college.

According to their website, this college offers career-oriented education in four different degree programs: Multimedia Design, Business, Legal Studies, and Healthcare.

Unlike a traditional college or university, each one of their degree programs takes just 15 months to complete. This is ideal for students who are interested in a college degree, but would prefer to find a program that helps them enter the work place quickly, but still at the highest level of preparation.

Fremont College has online degree programs within their Colleges of Multimedia and Business, and night classes at their Cerritos and Los Angeles locations, all of which offer flexible scheduling for working students.

But perhaps more than their flexible scheduling, Fremont College says they have combined the best teaching techniques from different institutions and methodologies.

Their website says that their CEO, Dr. Kay, spent six years on research to get “an understanding of human motivation, learning styles, and thinking patterns to create an instructional framework that improves student engagement and the experience.”

Tuition for one year at Fremont runs around $30,000, but they say that their school offers a wide array of financial aid options. The website says that 85% of their full time students receive some sort of grant or scholarship aid, as well as options in student loans and work study.

For students who are interested in the programs offered at Fremont College but are unsure of what they would like to study, their website offers a quick quiz to assess your personality and talents to see what programs would fit you best.

They also offer virtual tours of what they have to offer, as well as services from their admissions teams to help you find a program that will make you happy.

If you have any experience with this school, please leave your Fremont College reviews below.

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