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About Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce was founded by Ben Simon, Ben Chesler and Aleks Strub. The company aims to reduce wasted food and efforts by getting grocery-rejected ‘imperfect’ produce and delivering them straight to their customer’s doors for a price far lower than grocery store prices.

The company came from the idea started by Simon that sought to reduce food waste in university cafeterias - the Food Recovery Network. He an Chesler founded Imperfect Produce in 2015 in order to upscale the FRN in a larger, more worldwide scale.


Imperfect Produce’s subscription box is an affordable and convenient way to get fruit and vegetable produce straight to your door for a much lower price than you would get at a supermarket.

Statistically speaking, more than 20% of produce end up getting rejected by groceries because they don’t meet their standards of beauty. Only ‘perfect’ looking fruits and vegetables find their way into the shelves and are then sold for high prices.

Imperfect Produce aims to get those imperfect produce, which are no less nutritious and delicious than their more ‘perfect’ counterparts, to consumer’s doorsteps.

The beauty in this system is that no produce is rejected and what you do get from them comes 30-50% cheaper. Plus, you don’t have to make the trip to the grocery store to get it.

How Does It Work?

Imperfect Produce sources their produce from a long list of farms and farmers who work hard to provide fruits and vegetables to groceries.

However, because of the nature of the market that only seeks to sell the most ‘beautiful’ products that’s up to their standards, a sizeable chunk of fruits and vegetables end up in the reject pile.

“Imperfect” is, of course, just a term to refer to the produce that’s not up to par with the appearance standards of groceries. Otherwise, they are just as edible and nutritious.

Rejected produce is often tossed aside simply because:

  • Their size and/or color doesn’t fit well with the average ones
  • They look differently shaped
  • They have too many markings on the skin
  • They are a surplus to the standard number that the groceries need 

Imperfect Produce takes these rejects and puts them in their ‘Imperfect box.’ Their produce are both organic and traditional and come from both local and distant sources in order to truly stand with their mission of following the waste and seeking to help farmers save on energy and resources. 

No matter what, they deliver products of only the highest quality and are still as fresh and delicious as the ones in the grocery store’s produce section. 

These food products also go through multiple stages of inspection and storage to ensure that only the best quality ends up getting delivered to your home. 

Customization is one of their best features, allowing customers to pick the contents of their boxes that come in a personalized schedule that best fits your lifestyle. Even the box size can be chosen, depending on what is most convenient for your needs.
You’ll be informed what produce is available for that week and you are able to choose which ones you want in your box and they’ll pack and deliver it to you. Besides that, you are also able to purchase a ‘surprise box.’

Cost and Price Plans

The pricing varies depending on the box size, preference of contents (organic vs. traditional) as well as frequency of delivery. That being said, expect a price range of around $15-$50, depending on your customization options.

Customer Service

Imperfect Produce can be contacted through their different email addresses, but their support email is [email protected] They are very receptive to inquiries regarding their products.

On the other hand, if you want to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, you are able to do so without any penalties. However, you do have to make sure that you cancel before your upcoming order.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many customers are satisfied with Imperfect Produce’s services and the quality of their produce.  However, there are also some who experienced delayed deliveries, bad quality produce as well as a lack of invoices to indicate what they should be expecting in the box.

That being said, people commend the zero-waste quality that Imperfect Produce advocates and how the deliveries also come with practically zero wastes.

Competitors and Alternatives

Ungraded Produce offers similar services that challenge typical aesthetic standards of marketable produce. Their online produce delivery services are limited to the NC Triangle area only, though.

Charlie’s Fruits Online has an “Ugly Box” product that contains Grade 2 quality produce for delivery. It’s excluded from their 7-day freshness guarantee for this reason.

Grower’s Organic also has a “Pretty Ugly Box” that contains 1 weeks’ worth of “ugly” produce to help reduce food waste. In addition, with every purchase, $1 is donated to a non-profit organization called “We Don’t Waste.”

Where to Buy?

Imperfect Produce subscriptions can be purchased on their website, and you are able to customize your orders from there as well.


Imperfect Produce challenges the beauty standards of the food products that get sold and sources the ones that usually end up being scrapped in order to reduce food, energy and resource waste.

Their mission to help hardworking farmers who farm these produces also helps to encourage these growers that even the “reject pile” can still be sold and sourced from them. If their movement is something you support, you should definitely check them out.

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