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InboxAce, found at, is a browser extension which claims to give their users instant access to each of their individual email accounts from their search browser with one click.

Regardless of what internet search browser you use, you can choose to add a variety of extensions or toolbars to that browser. Certain extensions or toolbars may only work with specific browsers, though, so you may want to double check the version you are downloading to make sure it is the correct one.

In general the use of a toolbar or browser extension is to expand the functions of a standard browser. InboxAce specifically promises to give their users a simplified, convenient way to access their email accounts.

This toolbar extension will take all of your email accounts – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and more – and link them to icons on the toolbar so that while you are doing other internet based activities on your browser you’ll always be aware of whether you have new emails.

It also has the ability to add extra service options, like an search engine and homepage setting. Customers who don’t want this option must make sure to uncheck those optional boxes before they download the InboxAce extension.

While InboxAce has not been linked to reports of spyware, but their privacy policy does state that certain information they collect through their services can be shared with their partner websites.

Customers who are not interested in having this information collected and distributed for marketing purposes can use the “AskErase” feature which will then set up their system to not record your information.

Users who are no longer interested in the use of InboxAce and wish to remove it from their browser can find instructions online which will walk you through the best methods for doing so.

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