About is the online home of InterNations, a company that promises to help people who are moving to foreign countries and cities with everything they need through their community of expatriates. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, it’s not a surprise that people who are considering or preparing for a move to a foreign country or new city could be anxious or overwhelmed by the amount of information and assistance they need, and the fact that they simply aren’t sure of where they can find all the answers. says that they have worked hard to create a single resource where people can go to meet and connect with other expatriates and knowledgeable locals in order to exchange information and helpful tips with them. 

They say that their website is set up to meet all their customers’ needs from the moment you decide to move until you are actually settled into your new home city, and even beyond, as they want to make sure that people can experience their time abroad to the fullest. 

In addition, says that they are the largest international online community for people who live and work abroad, with more than 390 cities worldwide and more than 3,500 monthly events and activities. 

Mobile Options

Currently does provide their members with a free downloadable mobile app for either iOS or Android devices. 

Cost/Price Plans

This website does provide their customers with the opportunity to have a free Basic Membership, but they also provide an upgraded, paid for membership called their Albatross Membership. 

This paid-for membership provides customers with benefits like free or reduced entrance to tickets InterNations Events, priority on event guest lists, the ability to see which members have recently visited your profile, full access to all articles in the Guide section as well as to their Expat Magazine, and more. 

Unfortunately the website does not provide a published list of the cost of this membership, as the price likely varies depending on the country of residence of the member in question, but some websites quote the cost as being as low as under $5 USD per month.  

Refund Policy

This website does say that any customer who has just upgraded to their Albatross Membership for the first time is entitled to a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, which states that members who cancel during their initial 14 day enrollment will have the opportunity to receive a refund of any fees they have paid thus far. Any customer that is eligible for this Guarantee will be notified of this eligibility during their sign up process. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them to their website through the FAQ section of their website and clicking on their Request Support link. 


Though this company does seem to have a lot of praise for the information available on their website, there is one specific customer complaint that seems to be repeated over and over again on various websites, and it has to do with unauthorized credit card charges.

These customers claim that they attempted to cancel their membership so it would not renew, and unfortunately they still continued to receive charges from this company and when they contacted Customer Service to complain, they were denied a refund. 

This is obviously a very serious issue, and customers may hesitate to upgrade to their paid membership because of it. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are actually many different websites and resources available to people who are interested in researching different cities and countries that they may be considering living in, so if customers feel that isn’t meeting their needs for some reason, there are likely to be other options that better meet your needs.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Internations - Huge Scam

July20, 2018

I had an Albatross membership (which I didn't realize autorenewed). So the ba***ds are sending me emails threatening to call in a collection agency. I have lots of free time in hand and would love to see this go to court. Misrepresentations, fraud and a totally deceiving customer service are some traits they represent.....a bit like Angela Merkel's Germany where they are located. No wonder Trump is screwing Germany (though I am not a Trump fan!). And we all know how they are trying to screw Great Britain with the Brexit deal. Bunch of malicious, malignant and misrepresenting crooks!

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1 Review

Dark Pattern Scam

July11, 2018

They create a dark pattern where it is really easy to accidentally pay for a full membership after your free trial is complete. They will charge you even if you are a day late canceling and have zero interest in helping you out. It is impossible to get any kind of refund since they charge you everything upfront and not month to month like most subscription services. While what they are doing is completely legal, it is clearly done purposely and dishonestly to scam you out of your money since you can read all over the internet of people bringing up the exact same complaint. I have learned my very expensive lesson and am posting my story anywhere I can so that other do not fall into the same trap.

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InterNations are FRAUDULENT

July4, 2018

DO not give your credit card information for even a single event. I have just identified that I was charged 9 times (rolling renewal 3x) for a product I NEVER USED. I never received one invoice, and never signed up for the community membership, just a single event.

FRAUDULENT. I will report this everywhere I can find online as they are refusing to resolve the matter. For an organisation that purports to support expats, they certainly are taking advantage of them.

C. Robinson

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1 Review


June28, 2018

They wouldnt let me cancel the trial and kept my credit card information. the T&C dont say it is renewed automatically and they charge you and keep your details!!! they dont let you modify it, change it, cancel it before the term and then scam you out of 50 bucks! it doesnt help you socialize and a complete waste of time. NEVER go in!

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July 04, 2018

Additionally, I also complained on their site and they removed the complaint within 5 minutes. So basically, I get the feeling that there are MANY people complaining, but they delete any serious feedback so there is no trace of it. Shady.


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Albatross Membership is a SCAM

June18, 2018

Don't fall for Albatross Membership. Once you signed up for this you will not be able to cancel. Customer Service is a "joke". They will not assist you at all but only will start threatening you for Legal Action if you will not pay.
This kind of message you might will receive:

"We provide you with all the necessary information you need to manage your account online. As you did not downgrade your account before your membership was renewed, there is no further action we can take.

Please note that as per our Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to keep your account active until you settle your balance. We also reserve the right to escalate this matter further to a debt collection agency, which may result in additional costs for you."

Very tricky, cheap and dirty approach towards members.

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